SchoolParrot Review Guidelines

SchoolParrot is a platform for people to share experiences at their school and read others' experiences.

There is a “Report” link next to all User-generated content on the SchoolParrot website that allows SchoolParrot visitors to report any content as inaccurate or offensive.

We do not edit any User-submitted content and we do not filter or remove negative reviews. However, we sometimes moderate and delete inappropriate reviews after they have been published.

The following is our guidelines for reviewers:

  • Inappropriate Content: Review includes offensive language, in particular, language that contains racism/bigotry/hate speech.
  • Personal Information: Review references specific personal information in a review – e.g. email address, birth date, or name.
  • Naming Individuals: The review negatively references an individual by name.
  • Threats: Review references specific threats of harm to self or others.
  • Not understandable: Review is clearly gibberish or just simply crap content.
  • Third-Party Links: Review includes links to other web pages, social media links, etc.
  • Self-reviews: For example boosting your score if you work at the school or a student creating multiple reviews in a short period of time. Also creating multiple negative reviews is not tolerated.
  • Bad language can be a reason for removing a review.