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Based on 4 reviews and 58 answers
Former Student
Oct 11, 2021


Definitely has its downsides as all schools do. However, I cannot imagine going to any other school. My first 3 years weren’t great (not anything to do with school) but it started to look up from s4 and above and I loved it - for the most part. Most of the teachers are great and really understanding an supportive as well as inspiring.
Jul 7, 2021

Don't send your kids here

I can't wait to leave, teachers think they can talk to kids however they like and act like they couldn't care less about the students well being as well as academic results. Their policy on bullying is awful and the teacher who deals with it takes the side of whoever tells them about it and doesn't hear more than one side of the story and in cases of bullying against the person they say " just ignore it" or " be the bigger person" and at most all they have done is have a conversation about it and tells the bully to stop and when the bullying continues they do nothing else. They teachers have obvious favourite students and don't even try hide it, they don't motivate students or want them to do well. They make your life difficult if you are struggling or if you find it easy and need more work. And don't even get me started on the endless fights inside and out school doesn't even feel safe anymore, If you are considering sending your child here please reconsider
Oct 7, 2020


Hate it, don’t do anything about bullying. Rough fights everyday and the only way they solve things is by suspending you which does nothing.
Former Student
Sep 10, 2020

Bad teachers

I had to move from Inverurie academy because it was really bad for my mental health I was feeling very anxious and I couldn’t go and when I didn’t go the teachers would just put heaps of pressure on me and make me feel way worse than I already did and a few of the teachers will pick on certain kids and blame them for everything, there is one teacher that has a few favourites and it’s not fair no teacher should have a favourite student and would even get involved in the drama that we all had and this teacher would side with pupils if there was anything argument and they would get involved I couldn’t go to that class I enjoyed the actual stupid tho and I wanted to go further with it but sadly I couldn’t because I was so nervous about going to that class.
This school has really ruined my future my grades and attendance are terrible because instead of helping me they just made my mental health worse I do not recommend this school.

(Not that I experienced bullying myself but I have noticed they way they handle bullying is terrible the only thing they do is say “well we will have a meeting” which means they will take the victim and the bully and make them talk and then they think that solves it)

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