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Former Student
Aug 23, 2023

Mr Reid: the knob

Mr Reid is a fascist knobhead with no knob. Mr Grimmer is lovely best teacher unlike the prick who calls himself our rector. Like what a pedo man. Our school genuinely is run like an amazon warehouse. Bro when I need to piss I will piss... on Mr Reid. Real
Former Student
Jul 9, 2023

Whole school experience

School is so bad

Teacher can’t teach and don’t care about anything but getting their pay at the end of the month and the school will ask you for money at any point they can think of and there is no proper support for students
Apr 11, 2023

Shit place

Worst place on earth they only focus on the best and smart ones, I used to like the primary now hate it all
Feb 4, 2023

Larbert high review

Larbert high school is not a great school there’s too much bullying that goes on and nothing gets done about it the teachers just dismiss it, and some teachers pick on students for no reason and shout at them all the time and some teachers have no clue what they’re doing
May 18, 2022

They need to be able use the bathrooms

So students are told they are aloud use the bathroom yeS but here is wear our problem lies they say they can get out of class to use the bathrooms but eveytime I have been in a class and a child asks they get told no I think it’s a basic human right and the school hasn’t relished that
May 3, 2022

Best school

Best school ever in my opinion
Former Student
Apr 12, 2022



Miss Wilson is a shit teacher she targets her students and is all round horrible to anyone not popular
Jan 10, 2022

horrible school

in all of my 6 years of going to this school i have never had a good experience. it’s disgustingly dirty, the rector never interacts with students, the guidance teachers have no idea what they're doing. the only saving grace are the very few handful of teachers that try and put effort in to make sure we are okay. this school is a joke and needs to be taken over by someone who actually cares about it. this can be a good place if taken the time and effort and care, but the rector has none of these things and wants to label this school as the biggest non-denominational school rather than focus on the mental health and wellbeing of the students. its a joke.
May 15, 2021


It’s a complete joke and the staff are horrible. No care for students at all. 0 out of 10.
Apr 28, 2021

Larbert is shite

It’s a joke honestly- can’t even look after students and support their needs
Needs to have a proper read through who’s actually fit for the job lol
Apr 2, 2021

terrible place

absolutely terrible, barely any support from teachers in and out of classes and barely anything gets done about bullying/mental health. popular kids get away with everything from racism to homophobia for no reason apart from that theyre popular, half the teachers cant even teach and leave it up to videos with no information on the actual topic or subject
Apr 2, 2021

Close down larbert high school

Firstly, toilets - a girls sometimes have emergencies and u don’t let us go and there always locked, there is never toilet paper and it’s disgusting and smells so bad. Teachers - only care about uniforms and A grades and don’t care about anyone’s needs but their own, pupil ‘support’ don’t support u at all all they do is drag u down and insult you at any chance they get and the police officers are a joke, can’t even do their job right honestly never met such rude people till I came here. No one cares about the people who need extra help like we just get thrown in another classroom by our selves and told to do the work and if we don’t do it we get suspended and they teach us nothing either and nothing is ever organised
Dec 8, 2020


Lack of support, horrible teachers, tbh they don't care if you get into uni or not
Nov 9, 2020

its rubbish

The school has done little to stop the spread of covid, unclean toilets usally no soap and no toilet paper. They way they deal with exams is is horrible they treat it like we will get a death penilty if we don't pass or get high grades outing in very stressed out students. The pupil "support" team is sometimes helpful depending on who you get but most of the time they do fuck all for you and your mental health, one time I asked my pupil support teacher for a card to let me out of class (due to my anxiety) and it took her about 2 and a half months to finally give it to me! Even though it's a typed out laminated piece of paper.
The teachers are mostly good though but are underpaid for the amount of effort they put in. Also their mesp classes that are ment to teach you (mental, emotional,social and physical wellbeing) don't work and usally will either not fully describe an issue/topic or wont teach it at all, I have been at this school for 4 years and still haven't had any talk about mental health and how to help someone and little talk of sex ed and how to stop a girl from getting pregnant.There are other things this school does badly too but im not going to mention them all.
Former Student
Sep 11, 2020

Lack of hygiene

Very unhygienic toilets are disgusting
Aug 29, 2020

its true

terrible organisation, terrible communication, scare children into failing, its dirty, would not recommend
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