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Jul 6, 2023



My experience at lasswade high school has been a rollercoaster of emotions. with originally me hating the school and everyone in it i’ve grown to love it. I’ve learned that the teachers at the school (most of them anyway😂) aren’t out to get you all the time, they tel you off because its their job. and although it’s not pleasant, it’s necessary. Over all though the staff here are really nice, as somebody who has struggled severely with anxiety throughout the years i wish i had told my guidance teacher sooner. at first i was viewed as a bad student and stuff but i was really just acting out because my anxiety was so high all the time. I told my guidance teacher about how bad it really was last year and ever since i’ve gotten all the support i could ask for and i’m so greatful for it. honestly, just ask for help when you need it because if you really put your mind to work you can achieve what your working towards.
Jul 6, 2023



My experience at lasswade highschool has been a rollercoaster of emotions. originally i hated the school and everyone in it, i was struggling horribly. However, throughout the years with a few more rough patches i’ve come to realise it’s a really good school, all of the staff aren’t there to tell you off because they enjoy it (except for a few🤣) but in actuality, it’s just their job. it’s not pleasant but it’s necessary. and the staff at this school whilst i’ve been here have been so much of a help to me, it’s really nice to know i’m surrounded by people that just want the best for me and my mental health, all the time.
Jun 2, 2023

Don’t bother, look elsewhere, not worth the pain

Dreadful! Avoid! Extremely disappointing experience. Badly organised, very poor communication, no onward education path provison. Save yourself the heartache.
May 14, 2023

Schools bad lmao

Got assaulted cause I'm autistic and Lgbtqia+
May 8, 2023

Terrible school

If I could give this school a minus 5 it still wouldn’t be low enough, for one they don’t care about their students health or welfare, they do nothing for bullying, instead of punishing the bullies they support them and tell the child who has been bullied to get a grip and man up
I am shocked and appalled at how my child has been treated in this school
My advice to any parents that are looking to put their child in this school, don’t! For your child’s welfare avoid this school like the plague
My child has not been in this school for even a year and has had a terrible time, she comes home with bruises daily from kids shoving her against walls, pulling her hair and constantly been called horrible names, even in classes, and when she tries to defend herself she gets a row, when she tries to ask for help the teachers tell her to get a grip and stop exaggerating
She also had a serious accident sustaining a concussion and when she went back to school the school offered no help whatsoever resulting in her struggling with work and falling behind
This school has failed my daughter and will fail more and more children if it doesn’t get its act together
Oct 2, 2021

shite place

legitimately the best thing is the half days on Friday.
Former Student
Feb 20, 2021

Boggin school

The school is terrible and never listens to their pupils when they struggle with any mental health issues, "calm down it isn't that big of a deal" "well maybe you're just overreacting" "aren't you just blowing this out of proportion?" Get a grip guys! These kids are fragile and need to be supported and cared for. Imagine they were your kid coming to you saying they want to die then it would be another thing, refer them to mental health facilities. Tell them you're there for them, DONT belittle them and make them feel horrible for coming to you for help. The amount of homophobic children that get away with literally hate criming other people is unreal, detentions don't work. Exclude them!
Former Student
Oct 16, 2020

Racism & Uncomfortable Students

Their are many faults to this school, recently their was a racist incident that happened. Their is also a Male computing teacher who has made numerous students uncomfortable but the school refuses to fire him.
Eskdale Drive, EH19 2LA, Bonnyrigg
0131 271 4530

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