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Aug 31, 2023



For my first day there, I was told to go to C-Floor for P.E. I was a bit confused as we wouldn’t do physical education in a science base, so I went up anyway. When I got to C-Floor, they shoved me in a science room, put a bib on me, and started giving me a one back n sides. I am a woman with healthy long hair, and i did not want to have it all chopped off. After the haircut they then took the hair and shoved in down my chest and glued it to make me look like a man.
Jul 30, 2023

My induction days

I have only been to Mackie academy for three days and I have been bullied on the bus apparently ppl have their “own seats” but i didn’t know the teachers handled it very well but someone needs to stop the bullying on the bus
Jun 7, 2023

Bully culture

The bully culture of staff rubs off on pupils.
Poor moral of staff.
Fobbed off by teachers when asking for support for bullying.
Mar 3, 2023

Bullying is allowed by teachers

Teachers not interested in anyone being bullied.
Pupils whose parents who are friends with teachers are.cherry picked for end of term.prize giving.
One teacher said to me nobody likes coming to school but we grown ups can go home and have a drink.
Head teacher called me a drama queen when having a panic attack. She said I was attention seeking.
Head teacher said I be taken off my parents and put into care if I don't start making an effort to come to school every day.
Head teacher lied to people who offered to come into school to help pupils who are bullied. She said there were no issues of bullying. I was being bullied. She told me to be resilient.
I was put into a room on my own with no teacher because I was scared to go into classroom with bullies.
No letters sent out to parents. I had to remember and tell them myself.
No information that there was a PTA fund for sports kits for pupils who can't afford them.
Nov 22, 2022

Bad school, more of a prison

The teachers are good at their job and nothing else. They’re like teaching robots. There are a select few that are kind. A lot of the teachers have very clear favourites, and favour them over others.

The school has LGBTQ+ posters up all over the school, yet almost every kid there is homophobic and transphobic. The teachers don’t care about you getting bullied and what they eventually do does not stop the bullies.

The worst problem is the kids. A lesson can’t go by where there isn’t about 100 interruptions and kids bellowing their heads off. It really disrupts learning and sometimes results in punishment to the whole year. The seniors are mean to the younger ones. This school is rubbish.
Former Student
Aug 12, 2022

Not great

Many teachers don’t treat pupils well and aren’t understanding in regards to mental health and additional support needs. Lack of willing to give support to pupils where required. Teaching was okay and most pupils were nice. Bullying generally isn’t dealt with and is brushed off. Pupils aren’t well respected or listened to by teachers. Very short amount of time allocated for having lunch.
Mar 27, 2022

A Good School

The academics are good, teachers are very kind and helpful; they hold extra help classes and are always happy to help during break and lunch. My friends and I have all got good grades and most people in my year are going to Uni. We are highly encouraged to attend higher education (especially university).

At the moment, our lunchtime is short (40 mins) and most food places are about a 10-15 min walk away. The canteen is small and cannot accommodate every pupil in the school. However there is a wide variety of food available - if there is any left.

I’ve felt that the school is ultimately good, the only downside seems to be the pupils that attend. All the teachers do their best to try to eliminate bullying but it is still prominent. The guidance teachers are extremely helpful in this situation.

There are limited after school activities for older years and a limited variety of subjects.

School information is hard to come across, some really important information I’ve had to find out through people in my year which isn’t too good. However, before covid we had a 20 minute class where we were told about important information. If the school brought this back, there wouldn’t be an issue.
Jul 18, 2021

ugh not great

not great, rubbish building to start with, has r block which was meant to be temporary 50 years ago. second theyve made everytbing in the canteen healthy, forcing children to be healthy instead of giving them an option which should be done. teachers say they care abou tmental health but they dont. a lot more but
Jun 13, 2021

Please get a better system

The School has teachers if they could do nothing they would some don’t give a while they talk about helping stress and how to cope with it while they mount tons of Homework on top of your head lunches are good but expensive wouldn’t recommend
Apr 7, 2021

Sad to go

Absolutely love this school I’m in my last year, yeah, I’ve had my ups and downs here but doesn’t everyone. Most of the teachers are really nice, helpful and respectful and easy to get along with. It’s opened up many opportunities for me. My advice for anyone going to Mackie is just to try and stay on the right side of everything and do your best and your time there should be good. :)
Feb 22, 2021

Not much help

The zero tolerance policy is completely useless. Both students suspended 9 times out of 10, even if one was only acting in self defence.

The food is good but expensive. It’s almost a pound for a can of off brand fizz.
Former Student
Nov 27, 2020

More of a prison than a school

It’s awful, I was bullied out of there by both teachers and students leaving me with trauma and severe mental health issues. When the issues were raised with the school they treated me as tho I was the problem and made no effort to change anything. I don’t know a single person that has gone there that hasn’t hated it. There is next to no support for students with learning difficulties, mental illnesses or any form of divergence from the “norm” I was punished with detentions, and was shamed in front of many people multiple times when I had been absent due to disabilities or if my work was subpar (due to my learning disabilities that I received no support for) when I finally did receive support from the Sfl team the teachers shouted the sfl staff down and took away what few accommodations I had received. I’ve seen no evidence of change since I left and have multiple friends that still attend school there. Unless serious change were to happen I would advise people to avoid it if at all possible.
Nov 27, 2020

The Problems

A lot of the upper staff are genuinely nice people trying to improve the school, but I think they’re missing the mark in a lot of cases. The drug education could do with looking into what actually works - trained professionals teaching the classes rather than police as many students have had bad experiences with the police, and actually teaching and developing the social skills to refuse drugs rather than just telling us to say no to them. We also need to consider that many students will take drugs anyway, and we need to equip them with the skills to have that experience in the safest way they can; having a sober friend there to look after them, teaching them there’s kits you can get online to test what’s in your drugs to make sure they’re not laced with anything making them more dangerous, how to get out of a bad trip (being in a comfortable familiar environment, listen to good music, how to dose safely - taking too much your first time can give you a horrible anxious time, not mixing your drugs with other drug or alcohol as that can increase the risk to an incredible degree.

As for mental health, they do teach some valuable information like how anxiety is linked to flight or goth and such. But they only really teach about depression and anxiety and it’s important to acknowledge that other disorders exist as a student may have one and giving them that knowledge could lead to them consulting their GO and getting the right help.
Oct 17, 2020

It was okay

Teachers dont handle bullying/students problems as they should.
A lot of the time victims receive punishments for standing up to their bullies, and bullies receive nothing.
Oct 8, 2020

f off

its a s***hole and the teachers couldnt give two s**ts about the pupils
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