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Jul 3, 2023

You tube

You tube shows bullying and indoctrination, I hope this is not the standard that students have to endure.
Jun 23, 2023

Shock and horror

Just witnessed the most horrendous exhibition by a “teacher “ at this school, not accepting his opinion of there being two genders.
There are unfortunately and he is correct.
How dare you refuse to acknowledge his own and correct opinion.
You should be ashamed, disgusting
Jun 22, 2023

Indoctrination camp

Disgusting place, where kids are forced to go against scienc3 and get thrown out of class for having a proven scientific opinion
Oct 13, 2022

Welcome to Hell, laurencekirk, scotland.

I fucking hate this place, a full year of people saying happy birthday can fit under the rug. Administration literally uses documents from the 2003 version of Microsoft Word. You send your child here, they're either a bully, or being bullied. Some tasks on separate sheets are supposed to be done in your jotter because they simply don't have the budget. Teachers range in effectiveness, the math department has a history of being bad with my brother having an awful experience with one math teacher and one of my friends getting 2 topics done before doing a test on the first one with a different math teacher. Some students were caught vaping, and some even admitted to vaping in front of a guidance teacher, nothing happened with either. Due to loopholes you don't even have to attend detentions. As far as I'm aware you can only be suspended by fighting. Everything is up to that class's teacher to solve the issue, which there is only one I'd say does a good job and plenty do not. [Mrs. Donald if you're reading this you are the good one =)] Try wriggling your way through this school without having a bad experience and I might as well praise you as god. On the community campus site, the 5th option in the dropdown on the left is a 404 error. Overall, this school is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, in a dark cave, in the boiler room of hell. Passing this school in terms of experience is a bar so low, it passed through hell and ended up smacking god in the head as it wrapped back down to knock satan unconscious.
Former Student
Aug 18, 2022

Worst school ever

Hated my school it was the worst
Apr 19, 2022

Mearns Academy

The guidance teachers will not do anything about bullying or mental health and accuse you of lying. Some of the teachers and departments are all right but there is little to no funding for the tech and art departments. School moral is not good either and safety isn't really a concern to them as there are multiple times where I have told them about someone saying homophobic things or threatening others but they have merely brushed it off. The toilets are constantly vandalised and that means that we are not allowed to go to the bathrooms unless it is lunch and break time. Only one set of bathrooms are available at lunch as all of the other corridors are locked, meaning we can't get to clubs easily either.

Overall, I wouldn't really recommend it, but sometimes its alright.
Former Student
Aug 31, 2021

it depends on the teacher really

most of them will help anyone who needs it but tbh, if you’re not going to put in effort for the classes or respect them, how do you expect them to be 100% lovely to you all the time. a lot of kids need to understand that acting like a dick all the time isn’t going to help anyone. you are the one who has to put in the effort, you are the who has to just suck it up really. the bullying isn’t handled too well and the guidance teachers need a bit of a boost, but all in all it’s not the worst place to go to school.
Former Student
May 11, 2021

eh its alright

its okay, definitely not the best and i feel that the way they handle bullying issues and proper sex ed (inc. lgbt+ relationships and how they would work sexually) is incompetent. however, some of they teachers (particularly a certain drumtochty guidance teacher) are incredible. so helpful and always kind and welcoming. math department lacking.
Former Student
Aug 21, 2020

Quite Poor

Teachers were incompetent and miss leading I left school with very little qualifications especially the maths department.
Aberdeen Road, AB30 1ZJ, Laurencekirk
01561 378817

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