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Mar 2, 2024

OK if your doing well

We experienced heavy pressure to move our disabled young person on when they turned 16, as they were not 'achieving', which was due to their disability, not a behaviour issue. It must be easier to fabricate the paperwork to say they did everything, than to actually do the work and help these children/young people. I've heard we are not the only family.
Oct 23, 2023

Idk what this means

If u get caught skipping or being bad they make big D randy deal with u
Oct 11, 2023

watched a kid get his head stomped on

just bad, some good fights, most the food is terrible, most pastoral teachers do nothing, bit of a drug problem, toilets are hotboxed.
Aug 13, 2023

What I think about the school

It's an alright school but it is a bad school too and the same time because there's a lot of fight and some of the teachers are alright but some are just really bad but yh
Dec 7, 2022

National 5s


Only 1 toilet open in whole school as others are closed in case of vandals.
Former Student
Nov 25, 2022

was not impressed with this school

this school is very un-put together. there is a lot of jiggery pokery with classes and teachers. a lot of kids not getting classes they have chosen for the year. bullying is not handled appropriately and pastoral care teachers do not bother to hear both ends of a story that has been brought to them, they pick the one they find easiest to deal with, from experience. school is not welcoming, teachers are not welcoming and students are worse, and with no punishment for misbehaviour, do as they please.
Feb 16, 2022


Uh… got some undercooked bacon once.
Kids literally smoking on the school grounds.

Foods questionable. No crisps but big slices of chocolate cake ? Kinda weird right ? The BBQ chicken could save lives tho fr.

The pupils are alright I suppose. A few undesirables.

Teachers are fairly ok (mostly)

5/10 couldn’t recommend

P.S. bit of a drug problem at the school lol
Sep 7, 2021

Left leaning and mediocre

Not really great, could be worse though I suppose.

The school is mediocre at best, with severe issues around drugs, smoking, drinking etc.

Most of the people are pricks.

The teachers are alright, well, some of them at least.

Lots of pointless assemblies and time wasting, too short of a lunch break, and weird scheduling with constant staff changes.

School lunches are about how you'd expect them to be, sometimes fine sometimes inedible.

Most teachers are pretty relaxed about uniform, some are tight about it which sucks.

Most chairs in classrooms are wobbly and the desks have holes/cuts in them, as well as them having a texture which makes writing on paper really weird since the letters don't look clear.

The school leans far left in terms of their assemblies/teachings, so if you think it's bollocks like myself, then just don't listen to be honest.

Definitely could be worse but I wouldn't really recommend it.
Jun 13, 2021

Great school

Former Student
Apr 10, 2021

Meldrum Academy

Not a very nice school. The place is not too shabby, couple of fights, smoking issues here and there but overall I guess it’s average. Some departments are an absolute shambles. Pretty good range of clubs and activities but most have been cancelled due to covid. Most teachers are really good and supportive in all aspects but they could be more supportive around the whole covid no exams but there actually is exams situation. The food is pretty good not gonna lie- love a good brownie and milkshake on a Friday! Cute wee country school though!
Feb 16, 2021

I came out as gay, got my skull crushed

Teachers are creeps, many fights (which I love), kids kick doors down
Dec 3, 2020

Meldrum academy

It’s okay but the food is over priced, one of the year heads is blaming rape on females, school busses aren’t the best as of they have holes in them, they do nothing about bullying and they do nothing about COVID-19
Colpy Road, AB51 0NT, Oldmeldrum
01651 871300

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