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Dec 19, 2022

S2 and S4

Best school to send your kids to

Monifieth High School is a secondary school situated in angus actually the 5th largest town in angus Monifieth where about over 1000 pupils attend Mon-Fri each week. The Motto of the school is Fais ce que dois (Do what you must)
I am a parent of 2 kids (we are a family of 4) one boy one girl who attend this school and there experience of being in the school so far has been pretty much been quite good. They have ups and downs along the way but it's been a great school for them as we live in Monifieth.
There are several feeder schools (primary schools) my kids came Fae seaview primary school Monifieth, Angus to Monifieth High School their transition was very good and all the staff helped them when they moved up to secondary school.
There are 4 houses in the school my 2 kids are in balmossie which is green house my kids really enjoy this house as it's one of the best houses in the school.
Across the school, my kids enjoy very good relationships with the staff.
My kids are able to work in a good environment and develop in a school like this that are able to socialise with others and there mates.
I was told most young people like my kids are keen to learn at the school and they successfully engage in whole class activities, participate in group exercises and mostly work well individually. To get to school my kids sometimes get the bus 73 or usualy walk due to us away to work so not get driven to school. The like walking to school because they can walk with their mates but the can get the bus with their mates too.
At lunch my kids usually head to the shops with their mates and get something like in a plastic container and eat it on the way back to school or go to the bakery a grab something. Usually after school on Fri as school finishes at 1:20pm on Fri my kids and their mates get the bus with their mates to McDonald's as they get there lunch after school. A lot of school kids are there at that time of day.
The uniform at Monifieth is different to other schools as they adapted the uniform to make it a more relaxed uniform so that parents had a lower cost option that is easy to wash and still gives the school a sense of community. Most parents like us are pleased with the adapted option and appreciate the change. The school changed the uniform by giving every pupil a free hoodie. Parents were also welcomed to donate any old unused small uniform to the uniform pop up shop where parents can take free uniform for their kids.
Pupils wear P.E. like uniform because of the changeing rooms being closed due to COVID. So the school advise the kids to wear P.E. like uniform the day they have P.E. The kids can still wear full school uniform if thay want to but it ultimately depends on them and their parents and if so they can wear the Monifieth P.E. kit for P.E. if wearing full school uniform.
The kids also can still wear a mask as some still do to protect themselves but that's also down to them and their parents the school can't stop you wearing a mask.
My kids go to school with the Monifieth hoodie on, either the Monifieth t-shirt or one of their own t-shirts, the school blazer we encourage them to wear it, if in S1-S3 it's non braided blazer if in S5-S6 it's braided blazer so one wears a non braided and the other wears a braided to school, either jeans, joggers or leggings depends and any pair of trainers. They usually wear white trainers to school as they look cooler as most of their mates wear white trainers. Before they leave the also put on their disposable mask to wear on their chin as they during COVID they wore their mask on their chin as it was comfortable, able to talk and eat and drink without popping it down so my kids go about school with a mask on their chin. They see a lot do it as well even their mates sometimes do it.
In the end the school is a great place to send your children to go to, me and my wife would totally recommend it as the leaning and uniform is one of the best we have seen. Monifieth High School get a great rating from us.
Panmurefield Road, DD5 4QT, Monifieth
01382 536700

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