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Jun 9, 2023

absolute spastic

got bullied for growing my hair out and nothing was done about it
Mar 2, 2023

Absolutely terrible

They will get you in trouble for no reason send you text messages that aren’t even true. They allow bullying and completely ignore help 100% thumbs down
Oct 5, 2022

Not a good school

The school needs major improvements, that school ruined my mental health so bad I dont see a way out of it now, there is a small selection of teachers there that helped and tried to make it a good place, some cared to much about you like you were there own kids, but the majority were not nice to you and only cared if you had your phone out, chewing gum, not wearing correct uniform etc. Had one teacher that called me a failure for having my phone out for 2 minutes screaming it into my face.
The teachers don't do much about bulling, saying I was bullied in s1 s2 and went to my Guidance Teacher at the time and he basically laughed in my face saying that it dosent really bother me anyways when I was on the verge of tears sitting there.
New headteacher dosent cate about the pupils at all, only cares about the reputation of the school, like its some sort of project to her to fix us all, into her image.
Said that they would make gender neutral toilets so it would be all inclusive for the students, ended up doing a girls and a boys with 4 gender neural and if you go into those toilets you are immediately made fun of and shouted abuse at.
Aug 14, 2022

Terrible school - Get help to improve

I have been going to this school for a long time now and it's honestly gone from bad to worse over a very short period of time. They don't care if you're being bullied or have poor metal health, instead they focus solely on uniform and things such as gum chewing.
Focusing on the uniform problem, girls are way more restricted than boys for example; boys can wear full tracksuits/joggers/non uniform sweatshirts while girls are punished for wearing leggings, with the hot weather beginning again nothing has been done to make pupils more comfortable while learning.
As for the bulling/mental health aspect many of the pupils are genuinely insane and should be moved for the safety of others that actually want to learn, slurs are shouted and used in the corridors and the schools solution to this is the "its okay to be gay posters" or "say no to racism" plastered on the walls to be ignored.
I struggled during exam season and found it very overwhelming, I would occasionally burst into tears in the bathrooms and on one occasion in front of one of my teachers. They were nice about it but I was very embarrassed and nothing was done even after I went to guidance. Most of the teachers at MGS are the most unhelpful people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. During one of my exams music lesson were taking place, its disgusting its like they want us to fail.

These are some things I think would help improve MGS as it clearly needs help:
Redesign uniform - it isn't suitable for all weathers especially summer, and we shouldn't be forced to wear a shirt/tie/black jumper/black jeans it needs to be simplified. for example: design a comfy school sweatshirt and polo shirt and sell it at a reasonable price, if it is comfy and looks nice everyone will wear it with jeans, shorts or a skirt.

If anyone uses racist/sexist/homophobic language (even teachers) should be reported and dealt with in an appropriate manner its disgusting that this is going unpunished.

Guidance should check in with every pupil sitting exams (especially first exams) or get outside help to check in with pupils, you really don't know what's going on with your pupils.

Pupils should be able to have a quiet exam so they have a chance to think and complete the exam to the best of their ability.

Pupils are people too, staff should not be able to disrespect pupils just because they are unhappy with their life decisions.

Thanks for reading :)
Föredetta elev
Mar 27, 2022

Gave me mental illnessess

Not even lying like S1 and S2 were fine but after that the school did nothing about my sudden grade drop

yeah nah S4 is the reason I'm mentally ill wouldn't recommend if you wanna preserve your mental health

I mean if you're willing to trade your mental health for mad good pizza and hotdogs then be my guest they kinda worth it tbh
Jan 19, 2022

Absolutely terrible, avoid at all costs

Teachers abused by pupils (knives and punched), teacher almost vomited on pupil, complete lack of respect for pupils by senior management, inattentive,
complete lack of care for education and mental health. Absolutely terrible.
Oct 6, 2021

My kids will not be going here that’s for sure

Literally ruined my mental health. Some teachers are amazing and did all they could to help the students. But some do not give a shit, and some are just plain creepy and weird.see if I had to travel 4 hours to another school just to not go to this one: I would. And I should’ve thought of that sooner

I swear they only cared if you had ear phones on or had a jumper on. Ridiculous
Jan 2, 2021

Would not recommend

Quite bad like pupils are mental, teachers don’t care and some are quite sexist or even creepy. Some make the girls uncomfortable and upset. The only celebrity to come out of MGS is the singer of that song Salamander Street
Dec 21, 2020

2018-2020 of Musselburgh Grammar

Personally I find the teachers are not completely aware of the students. If a student is eating alone they will only act on it if the student is literally crying etc. Especially during covid the teachers just do what they would like, as a rule they have to have the windows open but won't let us keep a jumper on to keep us warm in the winter. It is ridiculous.
86 Inveresk Road, EH21 7BA, Musselburgh
0131 6654278

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