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Former Student
Mar 19, 2024


Horrible school , absolutely disgusting,wouldn’t recommend anyone going here
Oct 6, 2023

crap 💩

absolutely rubbish (thumbs down emoji)
Nov 14, 2022

Northfield is shit

Do not put your kids here the school is shit, the teachers can’t teach and the students aren’t as bad as they make out to be. The teachers blame the students for everything wrong with the school but in reality the teachers will come over to you get in ur face you’ll ask them if they can move and they will start shouting at you and then you’ll be getting more and more annoyed and they will just shout at you telling you to go to there office when you’ve done nothing wrong. Sometimes you’ll get more than one teacher in ur face then you get made to apologise to them it’s not fair. You can’t just blame the students when you can’t fucking teach. THE WORSE SCHOOL IN SCOTLAND !!!!
Sep 9, 2022

Don’t put ur child here!!

Northfield is an absolute shambles of a school, deputy head is a compulsive liar, said one thing about my child on the phone and then totally denied saying it to my face when the police got involved, absolute scum bags who think they are above everyone. Put my child who has seizures child at risk numerous amount of times also!!
Sep 8, 2022

don’t put your kids here !!

northfield is a bunch of sh!t , they don’t clean there toilets, there has been multiple occasions where bugs have been seen in the toilets, there’s like 2 bins for the girls bathroom so where are they supposed to put there sanitary products etc. the teachers don’t do nothing to help the students, half of them can hardly teach in the first place, deputy heads are even worse, teachers tell ur kids to go up to see ur depute but they also do nothing to help, mr watt the head teacher is excellent tho but the rest of the school is horrible wouldnt send ur kids here. the amount of bullying that goes on in here is atrocious they make people go home feeling crap about them selfs.
May 27, 2022

Avoid like the plague

Worst school is Scotland, no control over the kids and the deputy head tells blatant lies to your face !! Avoid unless u want ur kids to have a shitty eduction, as that’s all that’s on offer at this school
Mar 23, 2021

If you care about your children, just DON'T

My daughter was relentlessly bullied and assaulted repeatedly by the wayward offspring of pondlife drug addicts, the school failed to protect her or stand by its own commitments to pupil safety, along with other serious failures in the local authority which includes the desecration of human remains and the overlay of pure lies told around them, Aberdeen is not a city you'd want to be vulnerable or have faith in it's public services
Former Student
Oct 1, 2020

Worst school

This school is the worst school in Scotland and you shouldn’t send your kid there , the teacher don’t teach your kids , they exclude the students for basically doing nothing wrong
Granitehill Place, AB16 7AU, Aberdeen
01224 699715

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