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Oct 18, 2022

campbell oot

As a current student at the school, the head team care more about obtaining badges such as LGBTQ+ gold rather than providing a nurturing environment for all students. the school is awful tbh lol
Oct 3, 2022


this school is horrible i’m a pupil there and the amount of mysoginy all girls face from staff and male students alike is disgusting. then there’s also the problem of gang violence with people beating eachother up with metal poles, stabbing and a large portion of the school was burned down by members of one of the gangs. it’s at the point 25% of pupils don’t attend due to fear of gangs. bullying is also a major issue as teachers are aware and neglect the issues including homophobia, sexism and people being picked on because of neurodivergency. the mental health system is also disgusting as students who open up to councillors about self harm are told “everyone has that problem” or it’s “just hormones” going to school everyday and not knowing if you’re coming back with a stab wound isn’t something teenagers should have to worry about. a student (i won’t say their name for privacy) was begging for help saying that they want to kill themselves was sent home and later attempted to kill their selves a few days later. the school is neglectful to students and is not a safe environment. don’t come to peebles high
Oct 3, 2022

Dont come here.

Gangs. Knives. Metal poles. Threat to our lives on the daily. Sexism, Misogyny and homophobia from staff, pupils and teachers. A severe lack of communication between staff and students and 25% of the school unable to attend because to the fear to their safety. And lets not forget the fire that happened almost 3 years ago and the massive pile of rubble that used to be our art and pe department is still all sitting there and no one has even thought to move it. The head staff members dont care for the safety of the school and would rather “fix homophobia” for an lgbt school gold award rather than the benefits to their students. Pupils feel safer going to speak to a random teacher rather than their pastrol teacher or safety coordinator after multiple times of the safety coordinator ignoring students asking for help. Mental health is ignored and equality basically does not exist here. Dont come to peebles high, you’ll regret it.
Oct 3, 2022

School does not help bullying or ways to reduce it

My little brother was bullied and the school never offered him a safe place to get away from bullies or even to tell the bullies to stop cause they believed calling the bulling in to tell them off would cause more bullying
Oct 2, 2022

idk it’s shit

teachers don’t listen and they lie to parents/carers about the safety of students the school was literally set on fire by a gang the toilets are never clean and almost never work
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