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Former Student
Aug 29, 2022

I am begging you, please do not send your children here

Hello, I am a former student. I cannot express how much this school traumatized me, I have quite literally not recovered from the amount of trauma this place caused me. Almost none of the teachers treated us like humans unless you were their favourite, of course, they would get you in trouble for no reason at all, just as an excuse to shout at you and make you cry, as well as get mad when you asked a question.

The bullying was even worse, the other children were so cruel and horrible, but wouldn't even get told off, I had been hurt and abused by other children multiple times throughout my entire time there and they would only just say "Don't do that again" every single time, no matter how many times they did it. My mental health was very much affected by the sheer amount of bullying I received no help AT ALL from.

The head teacher introduced a "Buddy System" in which you were forced to stay with the younger ones your entire lunch break, and those kids would chase, punch, throw dirt on and harass their "Buddies", but when the teachers were told about this, nothing happened. And it was so clear that the teachers didn't care about the older children [Especially my year], but only about the younger ones.

The teachers weren't great at teaching either, especially when you weren't allowed to ask for help when you were bullied by the teachers for asking. It got to the point where I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone about anything that happened to me, just because I knew they wouldn't help me. And a majority of the boys in my year would constantly ask to see other girls [Privates] and the teachers did nothing at all to stop this, which in fact lead to S3xual Assault, and since there was nobody to go to [Since all the teachers were cruel and weren't a safe enough person to go to for help] it was too late,
This is also why about the 63 people from that school are either very mentally unwell or literal criminals.

I am begging you, please do not send your child here, It's been 6 years and I still can't get over all the stuff I went through in there, I could go on, but we'd be here for a while.
Former Student
Aug 29, 2022

please do not send your children here

Former students here, It's been about 6 years since I attended here and looking back now I realise how god-awful it was. For a start, it calls itself a non-religious school but in reality, it is an extremely Christian school which would take us to church, talk non-stop about Jesus and would make us sing Christian songs almost every day. Not to mention children who were not Christian who didn't want to sing these songs would be yelled at for not participating. Do NOT get me started about the bullying (from both fellow students and teachers) I still have not recovered from the trauma this caused me. Students would verbally and physically abuse me every single day which absolutely destroyed my mental health (It's not any better now either). Now when it comes to teachers, oh my god I simply cannot say everything here because I would be typing for days. Teachers would scream at you for ever asking for help and would degrade you along with this. They did nothing to help the bullying and would dismiss you because of it. Everyone I know who went to this school (myself included) is still too scared to ask for help in school because of this. Another note on the teachers was that they all had no sense of privacy. Until about P4 (8 years old) all children would have to get changed for PE in the classrooms with massive windows whilst the teacher would watch over us. But when you did finally get the privilege of a changing room the teacher would stick their head in the door anyways. And the nail in the coffin is that I am now coming to the realisation that I think the gymnastics teacher I had at this school may have been into children (as in attracted). In conclusion, do not send your children here, out of the 63 people I know who went to this school, they all either have completely destroyed mental health or are now criminals (many of which are registered s3x offenders). And one final note, when a child tells you something bad is happening/ has happened to them; please please listen to them and dig into it, this could literally make or break them for the rest of their life
10 Oxgangs Green, EH13 9JF, Edinburgh
0131 445 1510

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