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Jul 8, 2023


it is shit
it is awful
the teachers are mean
there is sa taking place here
Jul 6, 2023

I'm going to attempt.

This is #1 in top 10 places worse then hell. The students are horrible and so are the teachers (minus a few). I want to bark and growl at whoever thinks this school isn't a hate crime. The conditions are worse then when I enter the bathroom after my dad, I can't go a day without missing a class because this school will be the death of me.

Attend if you want a 13th reason why.
May 19, 2023

Perth High School

Good school with caring staff. Building definitely needs an upgrade, that happens soon.
Former Student
May 18, 2023

Shithole in Peru is better then this pedophile infested school

My time hear at Perth High school was the worst, when I came here from Peru I was relentlessly bullied and the guidance teachers couldn’t care less and they called me slurs and shouted at me for wasting their time and I saw a kid furiously masturbating in the stair wells and once I reported it I was completely ignored and they tried to pin it on me because there’s no cameras and my friend was in pe and one of the pe teachers had a boner when he forced her to squat infront of him and when she reported it she was told to shut up and she has serious mental health issues now
Former Student
May 4, 2023

Worst school in Scotland

Avoid under all circumstances I left a few years ago and I'm still traumatised with teachers telling me to go home and cut/kill myself and kids bullying me everyday which was not dealt with and I was the one who was blamed and told they wouldn't pick on you if u lost some weight teachers said this when they knew I had an eating disorder and the actual learning is shocking you are not taught to your level and if you find it too easy ur a know it all and if ur struggling ur stupid and if u dare to forget homework or ur jotter ur shamed even if you have stuff going on which the teachers know about the cleanliness of the place is vile I wouldn't let a rat in there let alone go in there myself again it was acc disgusting pls acc clean the place I thought schools had to be cleaned but I guess not by the state of that place If u care about ur kids you won't sent them here please
Mar 22, 2023


MALE teachers unlocking girls toilets whilst girls are in there, people are scared to actually use the toilets because of this as-well as this no one checks the boys toilets or even monitors them always just watching girls
Mar 22, 2023

Perth high school

This school is bad, opening the toilet doors (only girls) and male teachers to. Screaming at pupils 24/7 don’t waste your time in this school u could 100% find somewhere better. People finding stuff in there food like fingernails in piziniz
Mar 22, 2023

This school is discussly horrible

This school is a shitewhole, not only do we not have the right to go to the toliet , they also open the toliet doors #ihateslt
Former Student
Aug 16, 2022

Perth High School (a great school)

Perth High School is a Great School!

I attended the school as a pupil and because of Military training, I was able to fulfil my ambition and return to Perth High School as a highly disciplined and effective school teacher.

And although the school is very different from the famous 1970's era, it remains a very special place in many former pupils' hearts.

The current Teachers at Perth High School (emulating their predecessors), work tirelessly to help their pupils to "Be what they can be - Successful!"
Former Student
Apr 22, 2022

poop course

poopy school

i went to this school and there is literal caca in the toilet it’s poopy
Apr 9, 2022

Avoid that school

Violence and bullying are widely accepted. The school did not react to the brutal beating of the child. I cannot imagine sending my twelve-yo child there.
Former Student
Jul 17, 2021


If you’re thinking about joining this school you should really consider elsewhere.

I speak for myself and many others when I say this is THE worst school imaginable, for many reasons. First of all, there is a major lack of professionalism and compassion amongst the staff. Bullying was and still is a regular thing that I seen a lot of whilst I was there, and the teachers always turned a blind eye to it. No empathy whatsoever. They would take months to solve issues, a lot of the time they just left things untreated.

Also, the campus is extremely dirty and unhygienic. I remember walking into the concourse toilets and pretty much every time there would be urine and used toilet paper on the ground / toilet seat 🤮. In addition the concourses always had empty wrappers dumped all over the place.

Lastly the teachers are all self entitled and have a superiority complex, they think that they can treat their students like morons. ESPECIALLY the languages, P.E, and home economics departments.
Former Student
Apr 16, 2021


Right this is the worst school ever the majority of teachers are horrible some are ok the guidance teachers are the most useless people ever the children there are nasty bully’s your child’s mental health will go 📉📉📉 mine did so much I wanted to die all bc of Perth High School so please for your child’s sake don’t send them there
Dec 24, 2020

Seriously sort all this out

Maths department is horrible.
School meals are bad but there are some torable ones.
At times the teacher doesn't care and gives you hardly any work.
The concourse and outside is minging.
People sometimes throw food and other stuff at you and they do it in the stair wells with no camera so you can't prove it.
Oakbank Road, PH1 1HB, Perth
01738 628271

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