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Aug 28, 2023

Wouldn’t recommend it.

As a student of this school I don’t think this school is that good. Most of the students aren’t that nice, and if they see something that they think is slightly off about you, they’ll pick on you. Loads of kids varying from S3 to S4 have been picking on this one girl (I will not say her name due to privacy) and they have been constantly harassing her with no intentions of giving up, it’s more heartbreaking that the girl thinks those bullies are her friends, that’s how manipulative these students are, and it’s even worse that NOBODY is doing anything about it. I also used to get bullied A LOT in my early years at this school and it put tons of stress on me. The school itself is also pretty disorganised, I go to a swim club at the school and shortly before summer started it stopped, the school never emailed my parents to tell them when it’s going to be starting up again. The toilets like any other school are just disgusting, people pee on the floor instead in the toilet and you might find a couple of junkies vaping in the toilet and having a laugh or finding a vape stuck in the toilet. Thankfully they do get cleaned but that doesn’t say much in my opinion. I just find it heartbreaking on what this school has come to, I would not recommend this school for anybody.
Aug 18, 2023

this school should be shut down

this school has taken a toll on every single students mental health the way they deal with bullying is appaulling, at lunch people come up and spray you with juice even if you have never seen them before, its toilets have vapes and unsanitary sanitary products on the walls, and are just fully unhygienic. the teachers are terrible they teach us nothing because they just cannot control the class and when they try to they do it in the worst ways possible that wont help the situation. One of the teachers sent someone out for tapping a pencil not because it was annoying but because "The led might break" and sent them out for it. In my class slurs were shouted almost everyday one time a white boy said the N word really loud and everyone including the teacher heard him and the teacher and no reaction that is unacceptable. Another incident is this teacher favouriting the boys in the class, these boys always bullied us and called us names such as "ugly, annoying and hoes" and again this teacher heard them and just said "dont say that" in the most unbothered way possible but the time i didnt lend a boy a rubber straight away because i was in the middle of using it i got sent out and shouted at for supossedly bullying and i talked to that boy and asked him "have i ever bullied you" he said "no that teacher must be out her head if she thinks that" we told the teacher this but she still refused to believe me overall this school is dogshit and don't send your kid here
Feb 9, 2023

School S1

Worse school in Edinburgh

Worse school in the whole of Edinburgh for bullying and the teachers do nothing allow kids to be bullied to the point they hit back but once a kid hits back they will be charged and dropped form school don’t think the school should have any pay rises they can’t look after our kids or keep them safe in the school grounds disgusting school and teachers aren’t helpful either. If your kids suffered in the past for bullying wouldn’t advise going to this school non effective support
Former Student
Nov 28, 2022


Even after being informed of horrific on going bullying from fellow students and abuse at home, teachers would still scream and shout if homework wasn't done or anwers were incorrect. Rather than ask why, an attitude problem was assumed. There was complete denial about the lack of safety in the playground, with older students from other schools coming in to physically beat up younger students at portobello. The anti bulling system was non existent. And authorities were never notified of the home abuse either. There was no protection, only further abuse from teachers raging (yes) at students for not "doing enough" nor "being enough". Home and school was like going out of the frying pan and into the fire on a daily basis.

People cannot learn when their nervous systems are disregulated. They cannot learn when they do not feel safe around teachers, students in class or in the playground.

There needs to be systems and practices in place that teach about what abuse is, what bullying is, what emotional and physical safety is, and how to regulate the nervous system. For teachers and students. And teachers or students that are not safe should be banned and offered a program that teaches them how to heal and become emotionally mature.

Practices like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and education on healthy and mature relating should be essential for and mastered by staff before they are allowed near children and teenagers. Then the same practices can be passed on to students.

A couple of the teachers did care and show empathy. But there was no compassion since compassion is empathy in ACTION and nothing was done to help.
Aug 18, 2022

Worse school for bullying

Worse school for bullying would not recommend this school for any children
Apr 26, 2022

pretty shite ngl

RME is fun
put some posters up that say “that’s so gay let’s be honest it’s probably not” and “gay let’s get the meaning straight”
overall pretty shite
1 Milton Road, EH15 3BY, Edinburgh
0131 669 2324

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