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Jan 19, 2024

Preston Lodge Is the WORST high school

Preston Lodge is the WORST high school, as a student who attends this school, I will be honest.... I HATE it there

Here are my reasons:

•The uniform colours are ugly
• Gosford is the worst school house (especially the Gosford house band)
I could go on

I would not recommend going to this school!!
May 4, 2023

Not really for me

I have really bad mental health and the school doesn't do anything I've been Self harming for a year know and I can't stop I skyve and just get shotted at the problems not looked into.the school forces you to where a tye like it the end of the world if I don't they make it sound like your saying fuck this.The works okay I sometimes struggle as I'm dyslexic but teachers always try to help as much as possible. Younger students make the garden horrible bye making it into some kind of battle feals usually throwing apples or water bottles that are full around and chucking rocks of higher levels of the garden.the environment in class is toxic I just sit there and say nothing because I know I will just get into a argument with someone.the dinner ladies sell some really good food there is a weird variety of food if you don't what limited options.sports are really good they have a team for each gender except hockey where they only let girls play.
May 4, 2023

Will say you don't respect the school if don't have a tiye on grow up

I've not really had a great time at school teachers don't care about mental health
Nov 29, 2022


so bad at what they do, s5 students don’t get their own social area. we are meant to have one but the juniors are allowed to share it even tho they have no need for one.
Oct 1, 2021


I know a boy who went here that owed me a quid but I heard he stabbed someone in Musselburgh so if anyone would like to ask him for that quid on my behalf you'd be more than welcome.
Great school. For any mew students looking for clubs to join, I'd recommend the vaping club. They usually hold their meetings in the Maths toilets. If vaping isn't your thing, check out the smoking club, which hold their meetings at the wall outside the CDT area. All ages welcome!

To all the wonderful staff at PL, keep up the good work and keep messaging minors!

P.S. it was really cool when one of the heads of houses mistook a boy of Asian descent for another boy of Asian descent. An easy mistake, the only difference is that they look and sound nothing like each other.
Oct 1, 2021

Simply great

Absolutely spiffing
Oct 1, 2021

Its alright

Its a high-school and is amazing and a great place to learn
Jul 21, 2021

This school is excellent

This school swollows so much BBC it's not even funny
Nov 1, 2020

It’s a no from me

I wanted to kill myself from age 11 starting this school because of how shit the people are, constant bullying and insulting
Park View, EH32 9QJ, Prestonpans
01875 811170

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