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Mar 12, 2024

Queensferry sucks, Holy Rood 4 Life ❤️❤️❤️

This school is below average competence. The young people that attend are extremely impolite and do not care about others thoughts and feelings. Which can be seen even in the behaviour of the head teacher who is incredibly racist. And that goes against the Equality Act 2010. I learned about that at my amazing previous school Holy Rood RC High School ❤️.
Sep 19, 2023


No too bad to be fair
Mar 10, 2023

Stay clear of this school

Terrible school, would Not recommend anyone to go to this school , staff threaten and bully children and students. Education for children with special needs is totally inadequate, new staff management in special needs department is aggressive, rude, argumentative and takes more meltdowns that the special needs children, this behaviour is towards children, parents and other professionals and needs addressing. Safeguarding concerns is also a concern, it’s no wonder children end up with poor Mental Health
Mar 8, 2023

Disgusting bullying behaviour from staff

Can only agree with the other reviews, teachers bullying parents and the students, education staff lie constantly to cover their own failings, if parents or students raise concerns staff scream and try intimidate the parents and students, staff rude and unprofessional. Inadequate teaching for additional support needs, having a brand new building does not make this school any better, safeguarding concerns, the school needs reform. Would not recommend any parent to send their child to this school. If the option to rate this school 0 stars were available, I would
Dec 15, 2022

Needs reformed and new staff

Shocking, education needs not meet, children and parents bullied by staff and poorly informed. Teachers arguing with children for long periods of time and causing arguments just for kicks with students and parents
Former Student
Oct 6, 2021


Shite school, nothing else to say here
Jul 13, 2021

pretty basic and boring

some of the teachers can make students uncomfortable and I don't think that should be at a school..
also so many people make racist or homophobic comments and the teachers just ignore it but one time someone in my class said "silly goose" and they got in trouble
Jan 30, 2021


very bad teachers even worse new building is the first step just need new teachers
Nov 30, 2020

Not a “community” school

Unprofessional teachers who have no respect for pupils, that make them feel uncomfortable. Head teacher also has no care for pupils just there to intimidate them but doesn’t even do a good job at that. Time he leaves.
Ashburnham Road, EH30 9JN, South Queensferry
0131 319 3200

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