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Sep 27, 2023

Do not go here

Absolutely garbage I sent my kid there that’s in s2 and he got bullied for being black and the school did nothing but help It by putting my kid into detention just for fighting back against the bullies and he has recently complained that phones have been banned so he can not contact me if anything bad happens.
Do not go to this school
Jun 15, 2023

Top Heavy, Poorly Managed Institution

Robert Gordon’s College is an independent school with a proud record of pupil achievement. Of late, it has found itself in a degree of financial difficulty. To address this, I understand that the College has embarked upon a programme of restructuring & redundancy, primarily amongst its teaching staff, who have also seen a 50% cut to their “RGC Salary Allowance”. In contrast, there seem to have been no enforced redundancies or restructuring affecting senior management or support staff who number almost 40% of the workforce - a staggering proportion for a school. A glance at the accounts gives an insight into the huge cost to the institution of its senior management team. It is little wonder that morale amongst teaching staff is at a 273 year low with many looking elsewhere for employment. As a former parent, I found my son’s teachers to be highly committed individuals doing their very best for him - and indeed for every other pupil in their charge. The College has always been publicly committed to attracting the best staff available. Given the present turmoil, the College may do well to recruit any staff to fill forthcoming teaching vacancies.
Given the current fees, weak & costly management, poor morale and the serious question marks over future recruitment, I would not elect to have my children educated at Robert Gordon’s College in 2023.
Jan 5, 2022

Great Institution!

I have been here for 5 years now and I have to say that Robert Gordon’s College offers a great experience for pupils willing to learn and reform. The grounds offers many recreational activities and pupils are not discriminated or treated unfairly. Robert Gordon’s College also garantes the highest quality security of any establishment nearby so the public has nothing to worry about. The catering service is up to standards with three square meals a day which are expertly selected to offer the highest possible nutritional value. The establishment also boasts the highest rate of rehabilitation in Aberdeenshire, and is currently managed by Warden McPherson, who is one of the most amiable people you will meet. I really could not ask for better in my path to rejoining society. 5 stars!
Jul 18, 2021

Not too bad

The scool isn't the worst but definitely far from the best, the don't handle and sort of homophobic bullying at all, I have been called slurs and brought it to yhe attention of teachers and there was no follow up. The teachers are great for the most part and all the subjects are pretty good too but it definitely isn't the best school by a long shot, we have only just let girls wearing trousers and boys wearing kilts. The rest is ok I guess, the behaviour of some pupils are just not it, the school is on a list for harrasment as a result of someone. So yeah not great.
Dec 5, 2020

I've had the best experience here!

Everyone here is really kind and the teachers actually care about your well-being. I made friends here so quickly even though I was really shy at first and I've had an awesome experience here. The education is also really good and we get a good amount of time to have a break. They encourage regular exercise and give everyone lots of opportunities to pursue their interests. I've never gotten bored here. I can count on my fingers the number of negative experiences I've had here, and it was never the fault of the school itself. The facilities are really good and are always being updated which I love. The school lunches are also really good quality and I always find something I like even though I'm a picky eater. There are lots of clubs to get help in any subject and they have helped me so much over the years. The teachers are really enthusiastic about helping people too. Choosing my National 5's here was a really nice process. There were so many information evenings and assemblies giving you information on what each subject entails and potential career paths. The school encourages people to keep their options open as well which I loved because I have developed interests in many things asides from what I need for university. There also isn't much litter here as there are so many bins on site that people use. There's also a litter group that keep the playgrounds very clean. 5 stars for sure!
Schoolhill, AB10 1FE, Aberdeen
01224 646346

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