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Sep 4, 2023

St Als

We sent our children there since 1999 .. absolutely delighted with the outcome ..great teachers ,continuity,and so very kind. This is a school that puts family first sense the the love immediately.
Dec 22, 2021


Very unimpressed. The expectation does not match the reality of this school.
Former Student
Apr 12, 2021

Will offer so many amazing opportunities

I had the best experience at this school. I attended the senior school, from S1 until I left for uni in S5. I always felt comfortable and encouraged in the school. And when I got to the stage in school when I was studying more specific subjects the teachers were amazingly supportive. I also didn’t have the best health during my time at St Als, but the school were absolutely amazing about it all. The school nurse was so helpful, and every other staff member as well was greatly appreciated in making me feel comfortable when I wasn’t well which was pretty often. Obviously it is a religious school, but when I was there, it wasn’t forced upon anyone in anyway. And many of the Jesuit teachings I assume could be helpful to people whether they were religious or not. I know they were for me. The school offers so many amazing opportunities that I was able to take part in, that I can’t imagine not having been a part of, and it’s all thanks to the school. So I couldn’t rate it any higher really.
Aug 26, 2020

Don’t send your kids here. It’s bad.

I went here for nearly three years. I was taken sexually advantage of by an older student. Two members of senior staff came to my house, asked some questions, told the police and offered no further support. I was being badly bullied by a student, a grade A, rugby star student. You might not think that matters, but it does. The higher you achieve the nicer the staff are to you and the more they’ll let you away with. When I spoke to a teacher about the bullying the other student was ‘sorry’. I turned my phone off in class because it was buzzing and I got a detention, I’m an average student. The only outdoor space is a concrete ‘football pitch’. Meaning if you want to go outside for fresh air you have to play football, as students are not allowed to leave school grounds during lunch or interval. Individuality, basically isn’t allowed. Boys must have short hair, natural colour. Girls must have long, tied back hair, natural colour. You are forced to attend church, despite of your own religion. I’ve been called into the office on three occasions for getting a hair cut, or because I’ve not had a haircut. The have an online app for homework and announcements. It’s designed for American schools and just doesn’t work. The teachers aren’t as great as they are made out to be. I was effectively bullied to the point of suicidal thoughts by a teacher all over the way I pronounced a word in Latin class. I could go on for days about the sheer badness of the school. But honestly, save your money, don’t send your kids here. Leaving the school was a wise choice.
45 Hill Street, G3 6RJ, Garnethill
0141 332 3190

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