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Feb 7, 2024

school kinda sucks

SASB is okay but it’s just very busy, despite all of the one way systems, I’m still finding myself slammed against a wall🤭!! Lunch line is really annoying everyone’s pushing and a bunch of S1s run to lunch as if there food’s gonna grow wings and suddenly fly away like can the calm down it’s really embarrassing… A lot of teachers are really shouty too and like to make everyone know that they’re in a bad mood which just sends me into a bad mood as well like ok we get it…
Sep 2, 2023

St Andrews St brides

St Andrews St brides is an okay school but there is a few issues.
For starters, the toilets are locked all throughout classes, which is honestly disgusting. If my child has to use the toilet then she’ll use it.
Secondly, the teachers. The amount of complaints I’ve been given from my kids about these teachers is ridiculous.
Jun 6, 2023

Disgusting School

This is the worst school I came along. Please if you want your kids to get proper education then do not even think about this school. There is no control on students and guide teachers are the worst one who discourage kids to progress and specially if you are from different faith.
Council should look at this school and should take serious actions otherwise this school is destroying our young generation.
Jun 1, 2023


It’s an okay school but so disruptive. Every single week there is a fight, teachers just let the kids walk out and do nothing about it. Teachers at the school are horrible, they do nothing about bullying.
Oct 12, 2022


Often feeling like I’ve got to fend for myself, there’s a lot of gang activity and people getting jumped within school grounds. Even if you get attacked and you defend yourself you get suspended or get a detention.
Former Student
Sep 20, 2022

Mental Health

I honestly had a good time with my school I’m in my last year and they’ve been very supportive and great for building me up. The guidance base have been strong and brilliant for me.
Sep 10, 2021


Terrible, dirty and they don’t stop the bullying issue
Former Student
Apr 2, 2021

Pretty bad

Not good, not good at all
Platthorn Drive, G74 1NL, East Kilbride
01355 574110

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