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Dec 4, 2022


Do not send your children here

One of the most homophobic environments i’ve ever experienced. actually got complained about by staff members for taking seizures during a class. school needs to get out of the 1600s and face facts that people in there are gay, they have a 0 tolerance policy for being homosexual and all round a horrific school don’t send your children here
Sep 12, 2022

I can’t go back there (but I have to)

Everyday I walk into school I want to die
0/10 don’t recommend, some teachers are alright, children are unbearable and if another s1 takes 5 centuries to walk to the other end of the corridor I’m going to drop kick them down the science stairs. All in all there’s nothing more depressing than walking up to that school building knowing your going to have to go through this for another 3 years. I never want to go back. It’s a Monday
Mar 22, 2021

i cannot do this job much longer

I have been leading the school for 5 years and every day is another foot in the grave, which i have many of. Working here is like your job being to lower coffins into graves of mediocrity and failure. The take on mental health is properly crap, essentially if a pupil comes forward with suicidal thoughts we give them words of encouragement such as “okay” and “lmaoooo” we give pupils optimal work that is challenging, school is very challenging as it is a challenge to muster the strength and courage to come in. Some of the other staff have a very foul odour, they all reek of old folks homes and have a very weird sense of humour, just the other day a staff member came forward and said to me dab me up. i let them go.
Oct 17, 2020

I'm considering turning into fertilizer

Okay, so to start, my satisfaction for this school is incredibly low, I feel more dread entering the school than those fighting on the front lines on d-day did, and I have less assurance about returning home safely than them. Teaching quality is good more or less, can't complain too much. Indoor and outdoor environments both cause sadness and an overwhelming sense of fear. Both outdoors and indoors are dirtier than that of the underside of a car, I am fearful that when consuming food from the canteen, that is if they haven't ran out after the first 5 people have eaten, I am fearful eating as I could possibly get melanoma or possibly even test HIV positive, would not be surprised if I have polio. The toilets are an absolute warzone, pupils are the infantry and the power of shear unhappiness is the weapon, no door locks in the male toilets so I have to excrete with an audience. Graffiti on tables and walls is quite abismall there is in appropriate writing everywhere, calling pupils and or teachers bisexual which wouldn't sit well with some staff seeing as they object to two males hand holding or two females hand holding. School handles coronavirus restrictions well, except for the no drinking after one O'clock rule which can do one honestly, I'm very sorry but I'm parched and must drink, I am not going to put up with this tyranny much longer as this school is pushing me further and further toward not becoming an academic success. The schools handling on bullying is very poor, you would be better of changing name and migrating to a foreign country. You would be more likely to turn into gluten than the school helping with mental health, the schools take on mental health is, "oh you're depressed, I see, well here, take this mountain of homework and give us a good review" instead of my homework I am here because I would rather warn you of the incompetence of this school than become an academic failure. All in all I am worse off in this school than learning from the half man half lizard in my shed. Good day.
Oct 17, 2020

Truthful review, hand on bible

This school will cause me to become insane, mental health is basically pushed to the side and ignored like the middle child, if you report a very serious physical or verbal action from a pupil to another, they seem to only want to help the persecutor and not the victim which isn't too epic. Teaching is all round good, quality of teaching is good but teacher pupil feedback is lacking like a father figure in my life. Food is good, indoor and outdoor environment cause me paranoia and keep me on edge and fearing for my life and/or sanity. All in all good school for actually learning at the cost of sanity. All in all absolutely fantastic school. I would also like to mention the absolute shambles of the school facilities, any time I need to use facilities I am fearing for my dignity and life, I could go outdoors on the grass and be feeling more satisfaction. One last note, the doors are stupid, they're just thick, however designed the doors and corridors for the school are ignoramuses, there are doors that instead of double doors, they are x1.33 doors, they are pointless, they make me want to die. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
Fletcher Avenue, PA19 1TP, Gourock
01475 715250

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