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Aug 22, 2023


Needs new teachers.
They look the bathrooms majority of the day to take the easy option out of stopping anti social behaviours and disregard the fact kids actually have bladders
Former Student
May 9, 2023

St machar academy

It was rubbish only a few really nice teachers and they never wanted to help even when I asked
Former Student
Apr 20, 2023

they don't care

most of the teachers and guidances teachers don't care about the kids if there is bullying going on they'll say that they talk to the other kid but nothing ever changes. theres kids in the halls and playground openly using homophobic and racist slurs. half the teachers don't know what they are doing the teacher i had for higher english wouldn’t have been able to control a p7 class alto of teachers put way to much pressure on the kids especially during exam times when they forget some of us are sitting up to 7 exams and are arleady stressed out of our minds they just pile more and more stuff and work for us to do. There has also been quite a few incidents when members of the public have just walked into the playground during school hours which could be incredibly dangerous
they need to do better
Former Student
Mar 21, 2023

send your child to a different school if you care about them.

Once my class got left unattended due to a shortage of staff. Some teachers are really good but others should’ve been fired a long time ago especially since there was a teacher who had a bad reputation before he got charged with having child pornography. lots of teachers also don’t preform their job well/ aren’t fit to be teachers. it’s way worse compared to what the other schools in aberdeen although it does have lots of potential to be good i just think some of the staff needs to stop slacking off and that there should be a system of rewards for good behaviour and houses/special celebrations like sports day and no uniform days so that people engage with the school more
Nov 22, 2021

Needs more effort

I really do believe that the school has lots of potential, and the majority of the staff are great, but in my opinion the school has been a bit let down. It is very easy for students to feel unmotivated when they go to a school with an already ‘bad’ reputation, but it feels as if no effort is put in to maintain a sense of community in the school. There is terrible graffiti in almost every class, hall and toilet cubicle and although the school is very diverse, disgusting language and hate speech is used each day and the staff do little to nothing about it while POC and LGBTQ+ students have to listen and feel as though they can’t say anything. I believe more effort needs to be made for creating a better attitude throughout the school, as many intelligent and creative kids attend and they deserve the best chances possible.
Sep 23, 2021


I saw someones sister but about the school its a good school and they really help us engage with our learning for example for special kids they have base.
St Machar Drive, AB24 3YZ, Aberdeen
01224 492855

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