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Former Student
Aug 4, 2023


In this review I will cover a variety of subjects each headed in capitals.

Personally, I wasn't bullied. However, I knew of a few people who were in fact bullied. She was made fun of and harassed in front of and behind the backs of teachers and the teachers wouldn't do anything about it unless the bullied student were to report it (even if the bullying incident was right in front of the teachers' eyes).

There was ALOT of fights and some of them even have video evidence on the internet. There was a giant fight at lunch (off school grounds) involving kids from Stonelaw and other schools. The review guidelines say I cant post a link but googling "Stonelaw High School Fight" will show proof of this claim.

Another incident involving two junior students left one IN HOSPITAL! I'm pretty sure the victim was assaulted with a knife. I hope the victim is recovering swiftly 🙏 you can google "Stonelaw Highschool Pupil Attack" and the first result is about this.

There has been one confirmed case of misconduct which searching "Stonelaw Teacher Misconduct" on google can be found. There have been many claims I have heard but have no proof of.

Bathrooms are locked during class time (except disabled toilets) to try and limit students going to the bathroom to skip class. However, for the students genuinely in need of the bathroom that is a bit of a problem and having the bathrooms unlocked for them can eat into more of their class time than would otherwise be eaten into. Students are required to get a "toilet pass" to be allowed to the bathroom during class. To get a toilet pass you must have proof of a condition that would make you need to go toilet more than someone without their condition.

The school is trying to address this by shutting the bathrooms as before mentioned and reprimanding the students. Students often went to the bathroom to vape or whatever else in the bathrooms and some just out in plain sight. A very large number of students vape and many of those who vape sell or gift other students vapes too. Of course this vaping epidemic is part of a bigger issue as students shouldn't be able to purchase vapes from businesses in the first place.

The teachers are a bit of a mixed bag. Some are very helpful and some not so much. The teaching styles of some teachers is very good and some teachers have very poor styles that leave the student confused or just having not learned very much. The students are also a very mixed bag with some being total jerks and others being pleasant people. The inside and outside the school were often dirty because of littering and students chucking stuff about. In particular students skoosh water out of bottles making floors slippery. Some pupils are often ignored day to day unless they actively seek out success and put in a lot of effort (which in a way is to be expected but some students are just in need of a nudge and student who misbehave sometimes garner more praise than the students who are quiet and put in the effort). Sometimes things are very short notice or just not very well communicated. I remember the random vaccination days for flu or something that would appear out of nowhere. The shining star of this school is the extracurricular activities. There are many to choose from like basketball, football, Lego robotics, film, fair trade , dungeons & dragons and more. The teachers taking the extracurricular classes are usually the ones who are good in class too. There was also a lot of supported study after school for exam aged students. However, a lot of the time supported study was an AMA which is fine for some people maybe but I preferred the ones where each session was specifically focused on a certain aspect of the subject (e.g. a maths study session focused on trigonometry).

Please note: Never had a school meal. Always brought my own banana for lunch.
Former Student
Jun 8, 2023

Stonelaw isn’t a good school

Stonelaw is horrible for fights arguments and weapons some children sneak booze into class and shops sell red bull to s1 and underage children it’s not safe in my eyes I have left stonelaw now but I was not happy when I was there
Apr 26, 2023

hiya pal

it’s not a really great school is it x
Apr 1, 2022

icky school

i started here at the beginning of the year as an s2 student and to b honest my experience wasn’t the best. there are so many bullies (especially boys) and alot of basically toxic people. there’s also a teacher who actually assaults kids and still gets to work there!?? i’m concerned and very disturbed about how the teachers handle situations like that here
Former Student
Sep 24, 2021

Should be shut down.

The school is infamous for bullying and has been for decades. Some great teachers drowning in a sea of nasty incompetent ones, who address challenging pupils by belittling and bullying them. As a former pupil I can say I would never dream of sending my children here.
I was on the receiving end of physical manhandling by a teacher who would be imprisoned if she had assaulted me today and the school ignored it and blamed her "mental health issues" - which meant she was unfit to teach but they allowed her to continue. I witnessed the same teacher physically assault another female pupil on two occasions and again, no action was taken. I was also told by a male art teacher to stand on the desk and count the bricks on the (bare) wall so he could look up my skirt, as he did to a selected female pupil, every single lesson. This teacher was a predator but his behaviour was never addressed. So infamous was his behaviour that all my classmates began to wear cycling shorts under our skirts on days where we had art. Utterly morally bankrupt.
Certain PE teachers were outstanding and their retirement is a major loss to the school. I can't mention names unfortunately but my experience of being taught by them cemented my belief that good teachers are 'make or break' for your appreciation and absorption of a subject.
Jan 4, 2021

They pretend that they care but they really don’t

Did an awful job of handling the pandemic. The PSE department is absolutely shocking. Mishandled an abuse situation, broke confidentiality and one teacher tried to out a student to their parents. Slurs get thrown around constantly and teacher just don’t care, making it a hostile environment for students in minority groups.
Nov 30, 2020


Didn’t deal with bullying situations very well
Nov 30, 2020

Stonelaw High School

Just poorly run and highly hypocritical in their values. One teacher said that we just have to deal with our problems of getting up in the morning, despite not knowing everyone’s situations mental health wise, as ‘everyone needs to do, so just get on with it’x
Oct 15, 2020

Stonelaw high

Very poor with pandemic
140 Calderwood Road, G73 3BP, Rutherglen
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