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Förälder / Vårdnadshavare
Jun 9, 2024

My Son Hated It There Horrible.

If you are looking for an inclusive experience at a Scottish high school I would highly recommend not to go to this school. The staff are not only terrible at teaching but rude to both students and parents. The school do nothing about bullying and daily violence children are not safe there. My child has been fought by multiple people to the point he got suspended for defending himself the support system is broken. There has been occasions my son has been brought home with bruises and cuts on his body from the harm off other children. He has moved high schools and is much happier.
Aug 29, 2023

James young


About the resource.I went to this school for years they allowed bullying and did some picking on themselves. They were unsupportive and truly did what they wished to do. Only recently in the last 2 years did they decide to properly make children do work. They let them run around and continued to pick favourites. I do Not recommend this unit especially to children with higher support needs. some parts may be better than they were before but If your child is in need of help and genuine support I do not recommend one bit unless you are in desperate need. Not just on the staff that work there but the school is bad at providing actual support and the resource always came last on the list. The staff were uneducated on ASD.

This resource has caused a lot of issues psychologically with the crap that has been allowed.
Förälder / Vårdnadshavare
Jun 5, 2023

ASD resource.

The ASD resource unit. Teachers are undereducated in autism/mental health and favourite students. Although some of the small resource is good such as not having my daughter forced to go to mainstream especially if you are a favourite.
Föredetta elev
Apr 12, 2023

Horrid place

I hated this school so much. Some teachers were alright but most of them treated everyone horrible, all the students aswell are so mean and horrible. They do nothing about bullying or anything.
Aug 11, 2022


This school is extremely accepting, and I love that for it!
If you're a fan of inclusivity and equal rights, come to this school if you can, it's also great at teaching it's regular subjects.
May 3, 2022


Most of the teachers threaten your marks if you don't comply with what they want.
Sep 7, 2020

Jyhs 2020

Just a normal school. Some teachers are sound but some are a bit rud
Quentin Rise, EH54 6NE, Dedridge West
01506 414244

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