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Nov 29, 2023

Protect your child, send them somewhere else.

Some staff provide real value for children and the school, however, other staff, such as the office staff and management only create and maintain issues and problems with students. Dress code violations are handed out simply for having hoodies zipped down, leggings with flares, ANY piece of clothing that is not white or black and overall only want to create an unwelcoming environment for the children attending to learn in. Staff provide no comfort or support for struggling pupils. Never have I seen a pupil been sent to discuss anything with the school counciler, even after family members had passed. Only recommendation for this school is to keep your child away.
Jun 16, 2023

Really bad school

I got chocked to death don’t worry I’m not dead
May 5, 2023


kids getting punched and bet up on there first days for thee looks. Getting jumped for being ginger. HORRIBLE SCHOOL
May 5, 2023


The staff have no control over the children, they are mad i would not recommend going to this school it was AWFUL
May 5, 2023

being jumped

being ginger is not a crime my daughter got jumped for bring ginger. AWFUL SCHOOL!
May 5, 2023


being ginger is beatuiful

kids getting punched and bet up on there first days for thee looks. Getting jumpe for being ginger.
Former Student
Mar 1, 2023

Old Student

2014 - 2018 I was a student and for me personally it was a decent time, that period of time was good times, good memories.

It's not an amazing school, but all bad. 2014 - 2018 had good times.

The teachers and staff were always nice and pleasant to me. The best teacher was Mr. Martin in my opinion, always energetic, always understanding and supportive.

The only thing that I didn't think was good was RMPS, and the teacher themself wasn't always amused or supportive. It wasn't towards me, but other students. Mostly overreacting and didn't always have a good explanation about the work/homework.
Jan 16, 2023

Bad school

Bad just bad simple just bad I’m disappointed about the school and the staff
Jan 16, 2023

Turriff Academy

The teachers don’t care about you
The food is bad
Dec 12, 2020

not the greatest of schools.

its not the greatest of schools, they don’t care about you until you’re wearing a pair of leggings instead of trousers... 3-4 covid cases too and they haven’t shut down. some teachers are awful and really shouldn’t be teaching.
Dec 4, 2020


It’s ok but .... they don’t give a shit about your mental health all they care about it looking like a good school with good grades
Victoria Terrace, AB53 4EE, Turriff
01888 563216

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