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Former Student
Apr 1, 2024

Not the best school.

I went to this school and was also bullied. It got to the point where I was also getting cyber bullyed. The teachers and the purple polo's were great though in helping report it to the headteacher. I did not get the support I needed while at school and because of that I left in S5. I did have a few friends. School was a big struggle for me as I am autistic and also have adhd. So not the best school for me. ( the bullying went on for while before it got to the point it was violent.)
Former Student
Sep 27, 2022

I went here and it was horrid

I used to go here and I will never forget it. Not because I had the best years of my life but because it caused me the worst self esteem issues and my mental health took a real turn for the worst.
When I first got there I got food and bottles thrown at me because I had my hair a different colour, 2nd year was when folk started to try and hit me with their own hands because I stopped caring and also in 2nd year I started getting bullied but some teachers. 3rd year is when it all kicked off, (now for context I’m dyslexic with possible other learning disabilities getting seen to) I was put in a class where it helped people with learning disabilities but in actuality it was a way for folk to see who had what issues and it even made us easy targets for some students. The teacher in this class was horrible, she used to tell us that we could get it done with no help as it was “easy”. Now looking back it probably was easy but for her to say that some of us didn’t need help was a lot of bull. Now fourth year was when I left. I left right at the end I stuck through with being horridly bullied and mentally abused by fellow students.
In fourth year i came out as Non-binary (I use they/them pronouns) and changed my name. Now this wasn’t a problem with other students as long as it wasn’t me. What I mean by this is I got told that I was faking it and following a trend. So I decided to retract myself back and tell them that I was just kidding. I got bullied because I liked girls as well which is a story that is self explanatory. I ended up having a hand around my neck of another student because I asked him to back off as he was in my space and I’m trying to get my bag. Now normally the person who is holding the others throat gets into trouble but not me, I got into trouble. They blamed me for starting it as he told them i was being rude.

Wallace hall is a school for bullies to go to and get away with it. If I where a parent looking at this I wouldn’t send my child there.

But all in all it’s a bad school and it should be seriously looked at
Sep 22, 2022

Worst school

Absolutely disgusted with this school.
Bullying is rife , teachers not bothering to contact the parents about anything bad that happens.
Have had to contact the police in regards to my child being threatened with violence.
It’s time the inspectors were called in.

They of course will all cover for each other .
If they truly care about the kids they will get their acts together and if not then it’s time to move to a different career!
Sep 22, 2022


Lots of people saying worse school now

The school could be good if they addressed the bullying that goes on .
Some of the teachers whilst others should think of alternative careers as they are not fit to be in a responsible position such as this
The bullying has been going on for years . It’s swept under the carpet
Time the inspectors were called in
So to all the parents whose children lives have been made hell and for the teachers pets who get blame of nothing time you all came together to get something done once and for all
For a teacher to make a pupil take PE whilst the pupil is needing to use an inhaler prescribed bye the dr but they are denied this and told they are at it ,forced to do the class this is seriously needing looked into .
Of course they will cover each other’s backs . They must not be allowed to get away with this any longer
They can’t say they are stessed / tired they had the longest holiday with lockdown .
Dec 4, 2020

Often very good!

Over all average school! Most the teachers are amazing and only want the best for the students and the COVID situation is getting handled efficiently with there only being 1 case in the whole school (nursery, primary and secondary)
Oct 7, 2020

Student Review

This school is pretty good... a lot of the teachers are great and the learning assistants are very nice and the dinner ladies are lovely... overall great school
Station Road, DG3 5DS, Thornhill
01848 332120

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