Why your school needs Online reviews.

Why your school needs Online reviews.
Why your school needs Online reviews.
Why your school needs Online reviews.

A good reputation is more valuable than money”. Says Publilius Syrus

Yes, it is very true to the online world for schools 2020.

Your school´s reputation - no matter how much money you´ve got to spend - can make or break your school, and your enrollment. Today schools need to deal with everything and school reviews have become an even more highlighted spot during the pandemic due to the fact that people cannot visit and walk around as much anymore. More and more people are getting used to gathering more information through their computer.

And, much to many a marketer’s chagrin, there’s only so much you can do to curate a favorable reputation in your community. That’s because so much of a person’s, company’s, or school’s reputation rides not on what you say about yourself, but on what others are saying about you. In this case, reviews about schools.

Your brand is what your school is all about. It’s who you are, and what you offer to families. And if your online reputation doesn’t match who you say you are, your school marketing efforts will largely fall flat.

One way you can proactively help to finesse your school’s reputation is to start working actively with reviews. There are many ways to review schools around the internet but make sure it is in the right context and at a secure platform. For example, SchoolParrot offers a very secure environment for school reviews since every review goes through a validation process, like many platforms do not offer. Start inviting your school's parents and students to make reviews about your school. The more reviews you get, the better review score you usually get, and of course get those satisfied parents to review your school.

Why should I work with school reviews?

Major influencer for decisions

The parents who are searching out education options in your area care deeply about personal reviews and references. They are likely to put more stock in what reviewers say over what you say about your school, no matter how snazzy your website verbiage is. Just like a personal recommendation from a friend. goes a long way in persuading a purchase decision, an online review is like a friend in the ear (or eye) of those parents scoping out schools. When they see those written reviews next to your school name, they automatically form an opinion - favorable or not - of who you are and whether you’re worth looking into any further. For Schools the written review is very important, often longer read and more carefully created by the reviewer.

Search engine result booster - Content is gold worth!

Schools that have a significant number of reviews tend to boost higher in search results. By using a platform like SchoolParrot you would easily get star ratings on your reviews online. This makes the search results more exting to the person viewing and searching for your school. Not only that, keywords in the thousands of reviews get indexed and your school is more likely to hit in many more searches. Google also offers their organization box to the right side in search results. A platform like SchoolParrot also has the chance to end up in that box with reviews.

Furthermore, if you want to end up in searches like “best schools in XYZ” which is pretty hard typically, using reviews is one of the fastest ways.

It's not all about competition, it's about transparency.

Search engines will direct its users to relevant local information about schools. SchoolParrot tends to show up on a lot of these searches over time. Visitors can compare several schools in one place. It makes sense for search engines to do this, after all, it's a great way for the search engines to give the viewers what they´re looking for: advice and what is said about the schools in your area.

This is why school reviews and transparency is so important in the year 2020. To work actively with reviews your school will have more control and have the availability to answer on reviews, also negative reviews that can be turned around to something positive letting the readers see how your school is handling different situations. Your school should really consider working with reviews, it is the consumers fast access to answers compared to old fashioned reports in a PDF or the government data sheets.

How to get reviews online and how to handle them.

There are many ways to review a school. However for example, Google reviews sometimes are out of context, reviewing historical school buildings and facebook reviews tend to be old and only 5 stars due to not being able to be anonymous. You need the real gold to be successful and always invite your reviewers to keep it up to date. SchoolParrot offers unique review invitations that also validates that the right person is making the review. A school needs to ask for reviews, we make that transaction very simple.

Working with a platform like SchoolParrot users is anonymous, yes, but they still need to validate their email and accept terms, just like an open, non anonymous platform. This is just to make the reviewer more comfortable when reviewing.

To gain control over reviews in a dashboard where you can monitor your progress is a key to success. Utilize the tools that's needed for your success.

Remember, transparency is the winner always and to make your reputation shine it is only one way ahead. Get reviews, get feedback, adapt and be loyal to whoever makes a review, both positive and negative.

For more information on how your school can work with reviews: