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Former Student
Jun 7, 2023


Absolutely terrible, got bullied for years, had multiple instances with teachers.
Jan 14, 2023

Year 11 student review

As a year 11 student i see so many issues with the school, interim head was amazing, Mr rice (new head) makes us all feel forgotten, canteen used to be ks4 only and now we never get any food, no space for us to revise and too harsh on us with too much pressure, we are made to feel not human being told no using the toilets and they are locked during lessons, not dealing with homophobia and bullying at all and the whole school with a “planner” which is really just a report booklet makes us all feel judged. Each lesson is 50 minutes long but many teachers turn up 15 minutes late and then deal with the misbehaving children for another 15 and we end up having a 20 minute lesson, some teachers such as Miss Dawe make you feel so welcomed and not shut down at all.
Sep 14, 2022

Year 11

Speaking as a year 11 student the school isn't that bad however, it does have its troublesome students and some annoying teachers, it just depends on which ones you get
Jan 25, 2021

The schools review

The headmaster has wasted the schools money on painting the cafeteria and sports hall which means we cant use the photocopier for classes
Jan 18, 2021

It’s alright

It’s a generally alright school it just needs a total refurb of some of its learning blocks
Dec 4, 2020

Good ❤❤❤❤

The behaviour was so terrible but now its so much better due to mr jenkins being our new headteacher i highly recommended this school
Nov 25, 2020

yeah ❤

a lot better since mr jenkins came, but it still makes me sad and anxious
Aug 27, 2020

very good

its so good good good good good
Aug 21, 2020


At first it was an ok school but behaviour was absolutely terrible and should have been delt with differently but since mr Jenkins came in for the few months before corona it has been absolutely amazing so many improvements in behaviour and learning

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