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The devil comes in the form of a catholic school

Former Student · March 31, 2021
Former Student · March 31, 2021
In the five years of being there and in my personal experience I highly recommend parents not taking their children to this secondary school due to multiple reasons and one of the reasons is that there is a a lot of bullying at this school if you feel like your child is “not like a lot of other kids” do not bring them to this secondary school unless you want them to not only be bullied by the students there but also have teachers and staff single them out making them feel even more of an outcast and I was groomed and sexually assaulted my grandmother went to the school but they said they could do nothing about it and they said the same thing when I was being bullied to the point of suicide and the worst part was that I wasn’t the only one in my year group due to how bad the bullying got to everyone where people developed depression, eating disorders etc so ladies and gentlemen fathers and mothers do not bring your children to this “Catholic school” unless you want them to come out of it with suicidal attempts terrible self esteem and anorexic or bulimic hope this helps when your looking for the right secondary school for your kids because this hell hole is not the place

The pressure put on students is too high

Student · January 18, 2021
Student · January 18, 2021
Its okay. There are both positives and negatives about this school. The old headteacher bullied some of the best teachers into leaving so many ideas that they came up with got scrapped (including gender neutral toilets). The new head teacher encourages improvement but there is a huge amount of stress put onto the studentes from year 7 with predicted grades. There still stands a subtle shielding element where we were never educated adequately on real life situations, especially not if they went against catholic teachings.
They have coped moderately well with Covid, obviously they cannot socially distance everyone with such short notice. However Some teachers do get a lot closer than they’re supposed to, one even came in after having a test.
There was a recent renovation on the canteen- making it look a lot better and a new place to get food outside too. Although these things look nice I think the money would have been better spent on making students feel safer in the school with the addition on some gender neutral toilets or an available therapist for students to go to when they need some help.
Overall I would say that they seem to care more about upholding high grades than the mental health of their students, as a lot of pressure gets put upon us, and with higher graded students getting more attention from teachers than the ones struggling

All Hallows Secondary School

Student · December 31, 2020
Student · December 31, 2020
This school is good! Some teachers are strict and others are not but it’s like that in any school. one thing I would say is bad is that under every desk there is gum which is really disgusting and irritating. Overall I give this school an average because it has a good canteen and a nice layout with plenty of space.
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Poor quality school

Student · December 6, 2020
Student · December 6, 2020
This school is completely clapped. They won’t let you drink and my weed got confiscated three times. Really poor quality teaching and my friend got half strangled by a teacher for opening a window.

Covid management and predators

Student · December 5, 2020
Student · December 5, 2020
Allot of the teachers are predators,for example a teacher once grabbed my mate in the pe lesson and when i told a FEMALE SENIOR MEMBER OF STAFF it was never followed up even with clear cctv proof and multiple witness allthough the current head master is a g compared to the one before.the coronavirus management is disgusting many teachers i know refuse to social distance ESPECIALLY my maths teacher who touches my stuff and is always less than six feet away

A Declining Experience

Former Student · November 27, 2020
Former Student · November 27, 2020
Throughout my 5 years at All Hallows, leaving in 2019, I could not wait to leave. The arrogance and complacency of the whole institution was covered in a facade of outstanding grades. Grades which were declining ever since the school’s head who joined when I was in year 9 started his reign, and grades which the school gained by making year 7’s paranoid that if they do not get their target grade in every subject (including the compulsory subjects such as a language you are given randomly out of German or French) they will fail in life. Don’t get me wrong here, a little stress can be motivating, but the extent this school did that to not just me but my entire cohort just resulted in burnout by Year 11, when the results actually counted.
Why did I not give it a 1 star then? Maybe it’s hope, maybe it is some of the lingering indoctrination of the school that said they was constantly improving (when in reality many of the high quality teachers left resulting in endless study hall periods). The facilities are good, with a new canteen which took 6 years to finally get built after advertising it at my year 6 open day as being imminent, and from what I have heard from friends who stayed at the sixth form, there is a new fitness suite.I’m not sure, but from what I have heard, the head has been replaced with the old deputy head who I had for a year before I left which is promising. He went to the school in it’s better years, before the dogma and hypocrisy kicked in in the past few years, so hopefully, at least for the sake of the good teachers left and the students, that it becomes a more pleasant experience where the next day isn’t constantly dreaded.

Coronavirus management.

Student · November 9, 2020
Student · November 9, 2020
Although measures have been put in place this hasn't stopped the spread of coronavirus. I was never really exposed to the virus before being ushered back into school. In the past month there has been a total of 4 confirmed cases within different year groups. 2 in year 12 1 in year 13 and 1 in year 9. The school should re-consider if they are actually preventing the coronavirus spread within the year groups or actually spreading it further.
other than these flaws with the system the school has progressed with their learning through online classes via teams, this has proven vital to those who are unable to attend classes in person.
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