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A satisfactory school

Former Student · August 30, 2020
Former Student · August 30, 2020
This is a brilliant school with a generally good learning environment. The school holds (or used to hold) a range of after school clubs, teaching valuable life skills whilst also making it fun, the teachers are overall passionate and hard working, however, there are a couple that fail to monitor individual progress, and so I found I was left behind on learning, impacting my secondary education significantly. One teacher once failed to check my medical history and made a remark which related to that condition, lowering my self esteem whilst in their classes and resulting in a call into school from my parent, however, this was resolved and the teacher swiftly apologised, so I do not believe it was personal, just a failure to check their students for any sensitive topics or health conditions. The head teachers are amazing people, who do not fail to engage with students, supporting them with any queries and helping wherever they can. The lunch is lovely and the play areas are spacious and well equipped. The classrooms feature plenty of resources and aid with the learning of students. Overall, a good school with only a few issues to address.
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