Altrincham CofE (Aided) Primary School
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Based on 2 reviews and 26 answers
Former Student
Jul 7, 2021

actual hell hole that left me with lifelong trauma

im now in year 12.

im still affected by the unpunished s3xual harassment i recieved on a daily basis at this primary school from year 4 to year 6.

my brother was also picked up as neurodivergent and they didn't tell him - whereas i was just ignored.

i was also encouraged to skip school due to starting my period in year 5. no sanitary bins. but that may have changed.

i was also bullied by a teacher who never taught me.

there's also a really weird encouragement of racist, misogynistic football culture
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Aug 29, 2020


When I was in this school the teachers always did their best to make my experience fun
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