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Sep 29, 2023


disgusting school, never send ur child here unless you want their mental health to plummet. the teachers care more about the school’s appearance then the actual students it’s appauling. a girl i know got suspended for going to the toilet, i got suspended for getting a sanitary towel from the office, this place should be shut down. the foods nice though.
Jul 12, 2023

disgusting school never send your child here.

WORST SCHOOL AROUND. teachers constantly picking on students, unfairly punishing students, i got an after school one time for asking to get a sanitary pad from the office. this school is ridiculous and needs sorting out the teachers cannot do their jobs, they pick favourites, and when a student does one thing wrong, it sticks with them for the rest of their school life. my mental health has been ruined from this place, and the rules are ridiculous. sort it out applemore. but the canteen food is really good tbh
Jul 1, 2023

terrible school

worst school going they dont care about the students at all when youre naughty one time the teachers pick on you for the rest of ur time at school and the canteens too expensive and they do nothing about bullying get better applemore
May 29, 2023

It’s ok but needs improving

This school is okay but needs improving. Our head master has ruined the system of the school as he has put rules in place that make it feel like a prison. He has made rules like locking the girls toilets because of vandalism and not finding who did it but instead punished all girls and stopping them from going to the toilet when needed. Another thing that needs changing is the skirts. I like the old system where the year 7-8 wore the blue skirts and the older years had a choice wether to wear the blue ones or the black ones. I’m glad to hear that our current headmaster is leaving not because of him as a person but because of the rules that he had put in place. Our new head teacher will be a woman and hopefully she can better understand how us girls feel about the toilets and the skirts. A lot of girls also find it unfair that they have locked the pink toilets as those toilets used to be for the older years. All toilets should be free to use. And instead of putting up fences with spikes on top to make it even more of a prison they should actually make us feel safe instead of making us feel trapped. They also need to bring back textiles/dress making as a gcse.
Nov 19, 2022

its okay

kid in my tutor tried scranning a wasp once.
Apr 13, 2022

Ok school

Not the best school but they tried
Sep 27, 2020


lots of help with gcse revision and coping

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