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Former Student
Sep 12, 2023



I was (sadly) a student there between 2018-2023, I and many others missed out on so many opportunities. The support with build up too GCSES was AWFUL, I believe that I and many others that failed our GCSES there would of passed if we got better support. The headmaster is very argoant and rude, Takes pride in being judgemental and controlling over children. From something as little as wearing a ring makes a huge problem there. Alot of the teachers have very low tolerance too people with ethical backgrounds. During GCSE year my science class was without an actual science teacher for a whole term and half of another, which created chaos and disruptive learning within class due too head staff hiring unexperienced cover teachers. The staff that worked there were very rude, teachers included. Mental health support was awful, especially when things such as bullying was involved. Head staff were way too focused on inflicting power over children, instead of creating a safe learning environment. My year was even put in an outdoor caravan like classrooms during year seven which were there when my auntie went too aylestone (she's 43) the outdoor classrooms were rotten and a huge health hazard. To stop vaping the head staff had a not so wonderful idea of locking off all access too toilets apart from one door, and female toilets had male teachers standing outside them. Most classrooms had no air conditioning which was horrendous during the summer. School uniform policy was awful, the head teacher had no regard for those who came from lower income families. Safe to say it's the most awful establishment I've ever gone to, as a student who went there for five years and failed my GCSES due to the lack of support from staff.. Do not send your children here.
Jul 6, 2023


The headteacher of this school has made many member of staff cry for being nice to the student at lunch and break times. One of the dinner ladies got told of for fist bumping pupils and being nice. Pupils get put into isolation for haircuts and natural hair colour. Student aren't able to express them self's in this school or arnt aloud to be happy.
Jul 5, 2023

worse school In hereford

bad school. the teachers dont let the students go to the toilet and they wait outside wile they wee and poo. they can only buy food at 1 of the breaktimes and the food is rubbish and gives people food poisoning. the teachers will remove you from lesson and suspend you for no reason and you get detention for going to the toilet even if your on your period and you get detention for going In the corridoors . the teachers are all unprofessional and rude to the children and there's one teacher who has been looking up girls skirts . if you send you child to this school they will be traumatised for the rest of there life so do yourself a favour and don't send your child to this joke of a school.
Dec 12, 2022

Bad and needs to be improved now

Bad school and my 12 year old boy has to get removed for being harassed and bullied by over pupils in this school
Dec 8, 2020

Poor assistance and education

Poor education, refuses to give children with SEN support, even removes some completely.
Nov 5, 2020

It’s okay

The school is generally okay. Most of the teachers are good at teaching but some I really don’t see how they are still working here.
Oct 22, 2020

Aylestone high school

Poor staff behaviour. Had to remove my daughter in year 9 for persistent harassment and bullying by the teachers.1/10 very bad, would not recommend as a school choice. My daughter best friend and others from her year also are having to be removed due to such poor staff behaviour. Never even bothered to try and help with the situation, instead they just result in sanction and consequence. Issues like sexual harassment by students took place on their campus for 3 years before the teachers bothered to do something about this. My daughter did not feel safe on the campus and the teachers knew this as we told them yet still did nothing. Covid rules are not followed by the teachers what so ever. My daughter and many others in her year suffer with anger issues and the teachers do nothing for help.

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