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Mar 27, 2024

Ass school, do better

Bad school bad teachers and just bad tbh
May 23, 2022

Really shit school dont go here

Its really bad you get detention for forgetting things and they are very expectant
and they are abusing there power
Former Student
Apr 5, 2022

Your better of homeschooling your kids

I attended this school from 2015 to when covid first hit and I have to say, throughout those years I was nothing but miserable. Some of the teachers were nice to me but I don't feel like I was getting the proper support, especially since I heavily struggle with maths. Also I was bullied throughout the entirety of year 7 because I had a mole on my face that I was born with (it's been removed because I felt so insecure about it, even after school finished for me) teacher didn't do anything until I got transfered colleges, also also my first head of college told my mum I needed counselling because I was sticking up for myself and physically fighting back. Oh they have this rule about allowing us to dye our hair natural colours but when a black student comes in with blonde hair he's told to change it back. Can I mention we've also had one convicted and two possibly accused pedophiles in that school. I'm glad I'm out and in college now, I just pray for my younger cousins who go there, one of them is deaf and he's being bullied because he can't speak properly. It's honestly just better to home school your kid, whether your experienced or not it's just best not to send your kid to secondary school, especially in stevenage.
Aug 12, 2021


it's just been fantastic I was there just through year 11 and they are fantastic I would tell you everything but it would take too long all the teachers just make me happy just to know that they are happy makes me happy
Jun 10, 2021

It is an okay school

I think this school is ok but it isn't the best of the schools I have been to before. The teachers don't really deal with bullying, racism and people making fun of lgbtq people in the school very well and I think that they should deal with those things better than they do if they did that then the school would be perfect for me
Feb 24, 2021


Great school, not the best of teachers.

It is a great school but some of the teachers can be problematic. It's hard to explain to anyone who hasn't been there but what I am trying to say is some of the teachers are definitely too harsh but others are great and altogether it is a generally good school and I believe one of the only issues is the low trust the teachers have in their students. They don't handle bullying that well from personal experience but I'm sure they are improving and they do tend to acknowledge this and switch up students classes if necessary. However some students seem to have more privileges than other as of some of the higher up teachers having favourites they seem to be less strict on certain students. This is a bit of a problem as these students (during my time there) would break windows or doors and even Billy other students but the teachers would suspend them for about a week (from what I had seen) then it would happen again.
Dec 20, 2020

Could be better

Some of the teachers don’t bother setting homework and deals with racism poorly and can’t stop their students from getting into fights with others.

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