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May 8, 2023


don’t bother two stars for the two good teachers jhu jsu
Oct 14, 2022


This school has recently chosen to have a ‘you cannot go to toilet during lessons’ policy. What if children have medical needs or girls need to go for ‘women needs’ shall I say. Well this happened to my daughter and she needed to go to the toilet, reluctantly the teacher allowed her giving her the Belmont statement ‘blah blah blah’. When she came home she informed me of the incident and when I looked at class charts she had been given a behaviour point!!! Surely there is a discrimination case here and a moral one and I’m disgusted once again with this school and the leadership. I’m sorry but the ‘Belmont Way’ is a mind set from a dictator who likes the sound of his own voice and his own ideas. A change is needed within this school!
Apr 6, 2022

Bad school

Do not send your child here! Especially if your a POC ( people of colour) students are extremely racists and head of year doesn’t do anything about it. Some teachers are racist such as an English teacher said the n word and got away with it.
Sep 1, 2021


Many teachers have been seen staring at students inappropriately for example looking at their arses or tits and some teachers have been caught texting students inappropriately. There have also been cases of teachers calling students sluts and slags. Would not recommend sending your children here it is worse then a prison and is the most depressing environment I have been in.
Jun 18, 2021

A joke from the top down

The school have no idea how to support children with special educational needs. In fact if a child with needs needs support they do the opposite. Some teachers have no idea how to teach, some talk to pupils inappropriately, and non of them can relay a message to parents with actual factual information. The head is an absolute joke, is rude when in meetings looking at his mobile and rolling his eyes. He is not honest and he’s judgemental on children and never takes into account a child’s special educational needs. I wonder why they got into teaching but clear they’ve never been in a real work environment and live their lives acting like children. Disgusting school.
Jun 7, 2021

Great school

Great school. Staff are all really nice and they help students when stuck
Apr 29, 2021

Bad Teachers

Teachers take there emotions out on students and pick on certain students
Mar 29, 2021


Awful school , hope it gets burned down

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