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Sep 12, 2023

Regret my kids enrolling at the school

Communication from the school is poor and has been for a number of years. I have approached the school directly before leaving review but they really don’t take parents concerns on board. Issues of bullying not dealt with, they don’t ring you back when they say they are going to. Reception can be very unhelpful. It’s supposed to offer good sports opportunities but my kids have spent a lot of their P.E time on dodgeball! I really would move my kids but they don’t want to leave friends. Really regret putting them in bishop Barrington
May 22, 2023

Absolutely shit

Bruh they just can't do anything right
Apr 20, 2023

Shit school

The school is shite, strict asf and the teachers do not care how you feel or anything, they talk about mental health but don’t do nothing they tell you to shut up and you can’t even go to the toilet if u don’t have a toilet pass, fucking stupid that don’t recommend coming here u will want to kys cos the teachers drive ya crazy
Feb 16, 2023

The reality of Bishop Barrington-a students point of view

A horrible school the teachers put lots of stress on the students and they don’t listen to other peoples side of the stories.One of my friends was falsely accused of ‘putting his hands around the neck’ of another student who was complete lying as my friend and everybody else in the class said that the other student was lying and my friend was instantly given a C3 for doing nothing whatsoever.Another thing is that the teachers are not helpful ever and do not pay attention to the fact that people need help and sometimes even say to put down your hands when they are mad giving you no way to have assistance if needed.Another thing that has happened is that I have a thing where I chew on my pen when I am stressed and the ink leaked out from my pen into my mouth and I told my teacher(from the RE department) and told me that’s why I shouldn’t have been chewing on my pen then I said I needed a new pen she proceeded to say in a angry tone that I should have two black pens as apart of equipment and proceeded to give me a pencil.The only good departments are science,geography,food tech,technology and PE.
Feb 16, 2023

Bad school

Staff treats students absolutely disgraceful, they intimidate and belittle students.
Oct 21, 2022

Why Bishop Barrington is rubbish.

Kids are bullies. Teachers don't do anything about it, never give positives and hardly teach us. Most teachers are supplies and the headteacher is turning it into a primary school (clapping hands twice, raising hands for silence, waving green pens in the air and then tapping them on the desk twice,etc.) Overall just a genuinely rubbish school.
Former Student
Aug 25, 2022

Bad in general

Horrible school, My history teacher was picking on me and the teachers are genuinely rude and don't care. Food is disgusting and bullying isn't handled nicely. No school nurse either just terrible
Former Student
May 20, 2021

worst school in bishop auckland

this school never provides enough help towards those who want to pass their exams. they put small revision questions related nothing to the main subjects entailing that students have poor grades
Jan 24, 2021

NOT as accessible as the school makes it out to be

GENUINELY the worst school for disabled people!
Barrington told my disabled child that he wasn’t “retarded” enough to go nonverbal during a lesson-
my child has both physical and mental disabilities- both rather severe.

It is not a neurotypical’s place to tell my child what his disabilities entail.

On top of that- the teachers are all (other than Mr. L. Anderson) are extremely ableist- they prioritise work over their students safety.

The school’s teaching is not at all helpful for neurodivergent pupils, often being told to “suck it up” and get on with the work.
Nov 14, 2020

My opinion, others may disagree

My 2 children go here, so this is what they have said. This DOES NOT involve the pe department as that is the best part of the school and my children never say a bad word about it. Anyway The School hasn’t handled COVID-19 very well. They say the year groups are ‘bubbles’ and each year can’t mix with another ‘bubble’. Yet students are walking along the corridor with nearly every other year around them. A student once asked ‘what is the point in having bubbles if when we walk into the school gates there is loads of other years near us’ the teacher replied with ‘it doesn’t matter if you are outside’. Clearly doesn’t know anything about the virus. Does it stop spreading whilst outside? No!
Also teachers can be very rude to students. My son said ‘a teacher that is an old man once called someone in my class a coward. Nothing was done about it’. The teachers don’t care about the virus either as they walk in between all of the desks without a mask shouting at people, yet parents were told teachers will stay 2 metres away. New school already dropping to pieces as the rain water leaks through the roof lol.
When having problems at school, they say ‘you can go to the safeguarding team. They will help’. Yet my two children say that the safeguarding team pick sides if there is a problem. Silly if you ask me!
Oct 22, 2020

They don't care about students!!

Absolutely horrendous bullying and teachers do not help. I was followed into the female toilets by a male student and when telling the head of child welfare I was told to ignore it because I must have done something to anger them. They did not to anything until police were involved (probably for legal reasons) My grades ended up getting worse going there and it caused me a lot of problems. When suffering from a panic attack in my exam a teacher looked at me, shook their head then walked away. I was not allowed to go home after being sick because I showed no "evidence" and also they had locks on the toilet. Despite being on my period I was not allowed to go because I would miss "vital learning time". I am now at King James 1 Academy and much happier!! Barrington went badly as soon as Mrs Gent left. Now the school doesn't have a clue how to run or look after pupils. Even teachers get involved with bullying and rumours!! The celing once caved in during a maths lesson, the place is literally falling to pieces!!
Woodhouse Lane, DL14 6LA, Bishop Auckland

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