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Jan 27, 2024

Bullying issue

I went to Bishop Challoner myself many years ago, and was delighted at the thought of a close family member going there. I was bullied myself at the school, but was hopeful that being one of the top rated schools in the area this would not be the case any longer. How wrong I was. My close family member has been subjected to constant bullying by one particular student for the last 2 years. This student has also recruited other students to also make my family members life a misery. My family member is especially vulnerable due to several health related issues. Despite many meetings, incident reports, separation zones, none of which the headteacher has bothered to attend or comment on the student in question has never received a punishment. Letters of complaint to the governors were ignored and never responded to. On the other hand if my family member’s homework is late, her skirt is too short she’s given detention. This shows that the school is not interested in a student’s physical or mental wellbeing in any way shape or form only interested in seeming to maintain its image. Given the massive recent publicity of young people taking their own lives due to bullying at school this is frankly outrageous.
There is definitely favouritism going on with specific groups of students at the school with the staff in our experience.
Would definitely not recommend this school for any student who has any special needs being medical, emotional or intellectual as they will be bullied and the school will do nothing about it.
Jun 26, 2023


teachers are rude and racist

i am a year 7 going year8 and currently i am wishing i picked another school. Staff are so rude it is unprofessional and immature to an extent. they take their power over young kids to their advantage by scaring kids and severely telling them off.

for some reason they take homophobic language more seriously than racial comments and slurs. I have nothing against the LGBTQ community it’s just wrong to favourite these students over those who are bullied and severely punished for looking they way they are! homophobic language and racial language should on some sense be equal in terms of punishment.

for example i have an older friend who said one homophobic comment and she got suspended! whereas on the other hand TONS of racial comments have been made and not one of them have gotten more than ONE DAY isolation!!

Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School are one of the most diverse schools here in Basingstoke but they dismiss they’re most unique students and give them a hard experience leading them to hate waking up in the mornings to spend a full day knowing nothing good is coming they’re way. I would love to say one nice thing about the staff as a whole but i can’t!

there is this one receptionist lady whom i love the most she has been the most understanding and welcoming but as for the other ladies i beg to differ!

the canteen is WAY too overpriced for young kids you could buy at least 2-3 cheeseburgers at mcdonald’s or burger king for the not even a fraction of ours. the food variety and range is little to none and as one might say HORRENDOUS CHOICES ( i do love their waffles though😩)

i am a Muslim in a Catholic school and i am always getting comments from teachers regarding my religion my race and background which can be hurtful having and older sibling and being compared to them is even worse because they compare your academic abilities in the mix and bring you down.

sometimes you trust your teachers, heads of years and support team and beg for them
not to tell your parents but no matter what they call or email them and bring your scenario up in later assemblies recognising you as a victim of so and so

it is a really horrible feeling and not one i wish for on any young kid.
Jun 6, 2023


Teachers are not understanding and are rude

As a current year 8 going into year 9 in a couple of months, I have received little to no support with mental health. If I try reaching out to my tutor or the head of year they make almost everything public, I wanted to tell them about a struggle I was having and I told them that I didnt want to tell my parents. The very next day they informed my parents and my parents were certain I was going mad. I had a friend with a very low attendance and instead of letting her have more time in the class when she was in school, they took her out the classrooms for no reason to talk to her about attendance almost everytime she came to school.

The food quality is alright but definitely not worth the price, it's too expensive for the students to afford. Once I had forgotten my lunch at home so I told the office lady's and they said they would ring my parents, they said they weren't picking up and told me to come to the canteen with them and they tried making me pay for a certain food item I was allergic to (I told them I was) and they just said "it's the only thing that's left in the canteen sorry love".when I went home I asked my parents why they didn't pick up and it turns out they didn't even call them, I would brush this off as a coincidence but it happens almost every single time.

Teachers clearly picked favourites and don't treat all students equally. My friend is constantly being picked on and told off and given detentions for a simple of a reason like " she turned around" and even those would be lies. Teachers do not help with school work either; if I ask my teachers a question all they do is repeat my question I'm stuck on and walk away.

Although I do pretty well academically, it's not because of the school, it's because I self teach myself at home. Teachers need to do a better job at explaining and understanding that all students learn differently and at a different pace.
Feb 28, 2023

from a former student

was a former student last year, did not get any support from teachers only the odd 1 or 3 but if you where ever upset they would show no care and put you back in class, i struggled with maths a lot and have a hard time consuming information but for the whole 5 years i never got good support from the maths department and never got the help i asked for instead i got put in random classes because of my out bursts and had no progression the maths for a good few years, bishop challoner is a very academic school you will either sink or float, as a student who struggled a lot i got nothing but rudeness off teachers and the reception staff, teachers and head of years projected unfairness, harshness and uncomfortable environment for all students, during year 8 i was very insecure and use to wear makeup and the horrible nasty comments i got off teachers i will never forget, if i could go back 5 years i would of picked a different school, a big issue they need to sort out is the racism because it is very severe . bishop challoner need to start sticking by their moto and stop giving a false image of this school .
Feb 22, 2023


School is exelent.Teachers are perfect they give to my daughter with anxiety very nice support.They understand how she is feeling and she get better and better every day.teachers are kind and very friendly.I’m recommending the school.
Former Student
May 21, 2022

It was ok

It was alright but definitely bordering on going downhill. Food is not great and too expensive for young children. Teachers can be abusive towards children and there is a clear lack of care.
May 20, 2022

My school experiance

This school did not support me well throught my struggles with mental health, learning difficulties and being called inappropriate things while in the school. Only around 3-4 of the teachers have shown some form of support for me. Others have lied to me and ignored important problems.
After I returned to the school from bring in the hospital for a suicide attempt, no one approached me to offer the correct support. I was given a medical card, meaning I can leave class for 5 minutes. After I explained I would not use this since I feel that it is unhelpful when I need to be out of class completely, they did not give me any other options.
I missed months of school due to bad mental health and not a single teacher followed up on that. During that time, when I came into school , I had obvious self harm on my face, neck and arms. No one followed up on this, no one asked if I was okay.
Studying in school was difficult for me because I struggle to read due to possibly having dyslexia. They helped out slightly by giving me different coloured papers and using a laptop during exams. This took almost 5 years to finally get sorted.
Overall, this school has not helped me much at all. A few teachers helped but they then left soon after that. The school should have offered more support while I was there.
Thank you for reading,
A year 11 student.
St Michael's Road, RG22 6SR, Basingstoke

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