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Jun 25, 2023

Bitterne park

Teachers follow u around even if ur just going to the toilet, they wait outside the toilets for u ect the food has hairs in it aswell
Sep 29, 2022

bitterne park

if you care about your mental health don’t bother looking into this school they don’t care about you just care about making you think that everyone has to be perfect it’s a decent school but it has put me through so much
Former Student
Sep 6, 2022

No help for mental health problems, chaotic school

It's definitely not as good if a school as it used to be, it was much better in the older building, the new building is built like a prison. Year heads don't care about you if you're struggling with mental health, they are too busy with the daily fights from problematic children. They have a terrible reward system that rewards students that have seemingly improved in behaviour (although after this reward they continue misbehaving) instead of reward students with 100% attendance and perfect behaviour. Bullying isn't dealt with, most of the students are suicidal and depressed, or trying to be because they're plain weird, students are having sex, some in the building, some being filmed on social media, there are constant fights, someone brought a knife in once, the list could go on. They also have completely fluctuating rules on uniform like they let people wear rings and bracelets all year round it was literally a trend and then suddenly they banned it, and there's a stationery shop where you have to buy stationery if you forget it on the day. The school just wants money, but then goes and spends it on a god damn astroturf pitch and bouncy castle event. Overall no regard for mental health at all they only care about grades. That being said, 50% only achieved 4s or under this year sooo...
Apr 3, 2022

Not great

The teachers are mostly good and supportive but smt are not very supportive especially for trans people. A member of smt once told me as a trans person experiencing lots of hate and bullying that there was nothing I could do because it was a "new concept" and I should just be grateful that the teachers use my correct name. Others have told me just to ignore it. I was not invited to an all boys assembly even though other more conforming trans peers were and I am misgendered by the smt I came out to. They don't handle any bullying even non lgbtq+ bullying i and others have received
Jul 18, 2021

Health and Social

Bad School

I dont recommend it, it's shit
Former Student
May 6, 2021

Amazing school

Great teachers, changing lives, amazing school,
Apr 10, 2021

Do not recommend

Very very bad lots of COVID-19 cases nothing about it and no support atoll
Former Student
Dec 20, 2020

Review from member of Class of 2018

I went to this school for five years. The first four was in the old building, my last year (year 11) in the new building. This was extremely stressful for our exams. The teaching is good, some teachers became my favourites. However, the building was a tad cramped. There were a few teachers who literally changed my life for the good/the better. The cleaning staff, especially the ladies, were extremely polite and friendly. I would give this school 4/5 stars... if it were not for the fact, when being bullied, there was not much in the way of help. Whilst, yes, I learned to stand up for myself, only a select few teachers helped. These teachers were the best!
Former Student
Dec 6, 2020

Don’t care about the average student

Only Care about the high achieving students and getting high grades stats
Former Student
Nov 29, 2020

Meh it’s ok

kinda pointless being in school w all the covid cases i won’t lie
Nov 3, 2020


17 covid cases. Yet students are still there with NO difference besides pushing tables back pathetic

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