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Aug 1, 2023

Awful school

I struggle to give it a one star. My son was in the SEN register and was subject to the most discriminatory language and bullied. When you challenge the school they completely ignore you
Awful school
Jun 19, 2023

Don't go.

Overall this is not a school to go to. Certain teachers pick on students and not many parents like the teachers. Blatch is presented as a golden school, 'such an experience' yet its an unpleasant place to be, seeing as teachers aren't nice, they don't take action via kids struggling with mental health, and they don't interfere with fights. It's lastly dirty and not clean with stuff like blu-tac on the walls, scratches, toilets filled with food in it and it is vile like the school
Jun 15, 2023

Warning! Do not attend this school

The teachers are horrible and many are racists this school makes me suicidal and makes me hate staying alive
Former Student
May 1, 2023


Terrible. They do not care about racism, homophobia, transphobia, people being assaulted or bullying. But if they see someone with grey socks instead of black ones, they have a tantrum. Worst school ever, I wish I had never gone here.
Apr 25, 2023


karen mclovin

bad school horrid to children please shut the school down
Apr 17, 2023

Terrible school

The school is terrible save your child the problems of going to this school by sending them here the teachers are terrible the head of years are outright rude. All they care about is attendance and behaviour yet won’t punish students as long as you they’re are on the sports team or they will just downright ignore bullying there are some teacher and students are fine but majority is terrible the teachers will blow up over the smallest thing and act like they’re better than everyone else and deserve respect that they don’t show back the school will treat you like shit and have no issue confiscating your property and insulting you while they do it honestly so much more I could say but honestly save yourself the trouble
Jan 14, 2023

Blatch is the worst school for students mental health

Blatchington mill school is so bad they don't understand what happens to the mental health of the students they only care about the attendance and behaviour like why do the students get a detention if there late at least they showed up and didn't skip and most of the teachers are so racist they only pick on the coloured people. Blatch just makes the students even worse they don't know anything that is going on with there lives or how hard it is they make it worse at home as well as school blatch is just fake everything they say is cap its the worst school and I would never recommend it to anyone ever since I joined blatch its been a living hell. The only reason I am getting through all this it's because my friends have been there for me but blatch knows how to make it bad and all the Pe teachers are all pedo like this one teacher slept with his student and another one went to a Pub with all the girls.The learning is all bad they teach you the same thing but in different word.The security is even worse someone broke into the school last week but they don't do anything about it. The classrooms look like they haven't been cleaned for years and most of the students get sick from blatch they never clean it properly especially the science rooms theres dust everywhere.
Sep 12, 2022

No pastoral support

Terrible school for any child that has special needs or emotional difficulties, incredibly unsupportive and non- existent pastoral care
Jul 12, 2022

Terrible! Letting kids over heat.

ive been kept in a classroom with one fan, and the windows are NOT allowed to be open because they believe they will break. they will not let us move classrooms and we are over heating in like 24 degree weather.
im disgusted by how careless the teachers are.
Oct 9, 2021

Community is decent, school is bad

Theres a mix of teachers here, there is a few that are great and support you and you can talk to them like a human being but the majority are either boring or outright rude. All they care about is attendance and behaviour and they dont care at all about mental health or the bullying that goes on in their school, they either ignore your problems or give you unhelpful advice. Most of the students here are relatively nice but there is a large amount of middle class kids who just think they are really hard. Overall pretty poor but could be worse in my opinion. A lot of the classrooms, hallways toliets etc are absolutely disgusting and the senior managment is awful. Music department is pretty good for a state school but a lot of other departments are poorly funded.
Sep 9, 2021

Needs to do bettee

Doesn't support students enough and honestly seems to just slide student issues under a carpet to protect their name more than anything. They fund departments unequally and end up making it more difficult for students in certain classes to do better with the out of date textbooks and equipment they have.
Jul 7, 2021

Good be much better

Overall I think that the school is doing ok, I personally have not had any serious issues but I know many who have and i find that quite worrying.
I dont think that the school deal with bullying well at all its either ignored. Or the person you have reported is punished. They dont care about understanding the situation or helping anyone involved.
I also think that in previous years I have done much better in school both mentally and academically but now with the new system and with so many different teachers for just one subject its hard to understand the lessons.
The lessons are not linked well and we are taught things in the wrong order which just confuses people and I find myself doing tons of stuff at home trying to teach myself the things i shouldve learnt in lessons from youtube videos.
There are also many teachers and students who use racist sexist homophobic transphobic and just genrally bigotry language without any consequences. Although this is kind of being tackled by the school through things like assemblies it seems like this is just a few teachers and not the whole of the staff.
For example a few years ago when someone in my class mentioned being gay the teacher overheard and shouted at the class never to mention it in her classroom because she was a catholic and it was 'against her religion'. As a closeted member of the LGBTQ+ comunity at the time it felt disheartening to hear this from a teacher i had once admired and really delayed the process of accepting myself for who i am.
Overall I think the school should be doing much better and supporting the students more, caring and foccusing more on the things that matter and less on whether are PE socks are black or white.
Jan 23, 2021

blatch review 🤮

This is the worst pissing school ever. the school system is unfair, racist and not one bit helpful. they do not take bullying, racism or mental health seriously and there is no support for anything. they have punishments for small things but let big, more important issues just unaccounted for. the teachers r so shit. most of the teachers are rude, impatient and punish students for the smallest things. the year office's are not helpful at all. if u come to them with an issue they either ignore u or make the issue worse. they do not even take the other side of the story but instead immediately punish that person for it. when any student brings up mental health they think it is a joke. they do not give a crap abt anyone's mental health and do not respect mental health issues. they force u to do so much work. they do not clean their toilets well at all. they just don't understand how stressful n hard it is to have the motivation to go to sch everyday. most teachers are really racist. a few have said the n word in classes and not gotten punished for it bc it is normalised in blatch. there's sm more shit abt this sch but I'll stop there. overall its horrible.
Dec 4, 2020


I havent been at this school for long but im having a terrible time. None of the teachers are very respectful apart from 1 drama teacher and 2 of our PSHE teachers. They are good at trying to support causes, they are currently doing a food bank collection that occurs every year; apart from that, the school isnt great. Sport is taught quite well but the teachers for sport arent great.
Oct 3, 2020

Pros and cons

I think my experience here was good however as like all schools they have their downfalls. For example the supply teachers are mostly terrible. To add to this some of the teachers really sent very good because off controlling the class or teaching ability in general. But this comes with any school. The positives of this school are the community is amazing and as someone who has moved around a lot it has definitely been up there with the good experiences of all the schools.

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