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Aug 31, 2023

Blessed edwards

Amazing teachers very kind thoughtful and helpful I would recommend
Former Student
Jul 11, 2023

So glad I graduated from here

Three things.

This school forces non-Christian students to pray and harasses people for not engaging with prayer. "It's a Christian School!!" Respect other's beliefs. Not everyone goes here because it's Christian, but also because of how close to their houses it is, and other reasons.

This school also doesn't care about people with disabilities. Won't name who but someone with ADHD was given multiple detentions from teachers for being unable to focus on the lesson, which is... a symptom of ADHD. 🤯🤯Meanwhile bullies in this school are never punished. Say a swear word and you're sent to a break time detention, harass someone with a group of others and teachers become NPCs in a stealth mission, only seeing you when you're up in their faces.

Also, art teachers tell us to "not rush" and then give us a limited time frame to work in. Make it make sense.
May 20, 2023

Fun is banned at this school

We only read old rubbish books in English lessons and no creative writing. My sister is a year below me and she is already doing the same level of maths that I am doing in top set. They put bad kids in with good kids as if it will make them be less bad but in reality it stops anyone from learning. We have 3 religious education lessons a week and have to say 2-3 prayers every day, and get told off for not saying them even if you arent religious or part of another religion, like a fair amount of the school is.
Former Student
Oct 22, 2022

Recommend this fantastic school

This school is the most supported school all the staff is kind and caring. They bring laughs and help to prepare you too become an young adult. No Matter what disabilities, cultrue, or even if you don't need help with lessons this school is amazing. They have a really fantastic senco team with learning mentors to do 1-1 with a child. An amazing safeguarding team. No Matter what day your having this school has the most amazing supported school I have been too. The headteacher is wonderful to he makes sure everyone and everything is safe, he talks to every student when they come in. All teachers and students make this school such an safe environment and building for you to come every day to learn. From me I wouldn't achieve my GCSE'S without this senco team they strive towards to make you a good person of good character and so you can highly achieve your GCSE when ur time comes.
Aug 31, 2022



After eating here, my son had food poisoning for days. Reported this to the school and they ignored my email!!!

Gave the school cafeteria another try with the food, because we suspected that maybe the food poisoning was caused by some other food my son ate, for a week and after 3 days, my son found a bloody fly in his chicken. Ridiculous.
Former Student
Jul 13, 2021

Good all round school

The teachers were friendly and taught well.
The school has a nice welcoming atmosphere and it was enjoyable most of the time.
Overall it's a good school.
Jan 13, 2021



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