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Based on 3 reviews and 51 answers
Tasha Smith
Oct 12, 2021

Family feeling, welcoming and friendly

I would like to start by saying that this school is amazing. My daughter is 15 and had moved here October 2020, due to being bullied at her previous school for about 3 years and was in such a bad way due to it. On first impressions, when we viewed the school it felt very welcoming and friendly. My daughter was having panic attacks morning and night, anxiety through the roof. The first day at school she came home to say that she couldn't wait to go school the next day, Happy and a glimpse of her old self. She has gone from 40% attendance to 100%, grades has gone to expected/ predicted A's and B's which is amazing. The change in her, her self confidence is back and she has faith back in schools. This is all down to the blessed robert sutton school, students and teachers, everyone, they are like a family and so welcoming. I wished I had sent her there from year seven, she would of been so much happier.no school is perfect and there are bound to be improvements that are needed but from our experience the school is lovely, supportive, helps the children achieve the grades as much as they can. I would highly recommend the school for upcoming students who are thinking of finishing their schooling here. All I can say is thankyou for everything you all have done for my daughter.
Jul 5, 2021

Worst school in the world and I'm not lying

I got random detentions when I did nothing walls don't look OK and I've been getting bullied and thevm school said they can't do anything when they watch him bully me. Once I said som and they thought I said the n- word but even when I showed them proof they didn't believe me. Horrible food, don't even talk about it , there not showing and teaching us things we really need to know.

Overall the school is the worst school and some people that came or used to the school told me that because of their not doing anything about the bullying they did end up self harming or thought about it. Also the school make u feel guilty with stuff u can't change. And if ur struggling u either get yelled at left to work it out or just given a detention, they don't even offer help to u. ANY PARENTS THINKING ABOUT ENROLLING UR KID IN ROBO... DONT JUST DONT. Unless u want ur child to be put in detention after detentions
Former Student
Jan 26, 2021

What can be said about Blessed Robert Sutton?

A mess. An absolute mess. With teachers that backpedal on their morals to hide behind a poorly implememted code of "it's within our right" to severaly punish students for miniscule misdemeanors, and a student care official who, by all accounts, has no idea how to care for modern students, Blessed Robert Sutton is stuck in the past and has no intention of moving forward.

Student mental health means nothing to them, as evidenced by their lack of care when dealing with disputes, and cases of movie-like injustice where students will get away with bullying free of charge if their parents are in high enough standing. Due to the sheer lack of care given to the student body, lesson quality is practically a null factor, as many students find themselves more worried about obsessive deadlines than fulfilling said deadlines and taking in the necessary information. Money is also embezzled on quality of life improvements... For the staff, that is! In my tenure several fundraisers were held, with all of them conveniently ending just as the staff rooms got fully refurbished while student toilets were left dismantled for several months in a row.

If you don't value your mental health, I strongly recommend this place!

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