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Academic! But what else?

Student · December 19, 2020
Student · December 19, 2020
okay here’s the deal with BSBD (and i assume BSGD as well, i’m not too sure because i went to boys division), it’s very VERY private - if that makes sense. if you care about your child’s social life as much as their academic life then i can assure you that this is not the school for you. people that go to bolton school are friends with people that go to bolton school, unless they make an active effort to befriend others (like i did). i’m not really sure how to explain it, but bolton school boys are spoiled. if your child went to a public primary school, they’ll go to bolton school and feel intimidated, and learn to judge people on how rich their parents are - i know because that’s what i did all through year 7 and 8. you’re surrounded by people who are judgemental, and i know it’s the same in any secondary school but bolton school it’s all judging the worst things possible. i was judged on the way i spoke because i didn’t talk as posh as the rest of the kids, and the size of my house. in year 9 i made friends like myself, and in year 10 i came out as gay to everyone and got bullied beyond comprehension. i had about 2 friends in the entire year. the issue with bolton school is that you’re all protected in your own little bubble in the middle of bolton, so you best believe that when your kids make friends with people out of school and they ask “so what school do you go to?” and your kids reply “bolton school” and then get judged? yeah it’s valid. also just a little thing directly annoying to me: they took the drama gcse course out of our options, and i wanna be a musical theatre performer (so it really stumped my chances of success and getting into a good college). but yeah like i said, if you want your child to be smart and really bad with social skills, go for it. you’re forced to be academically challenged there, but creatively you do nothing, and when you leave school in year 11 or 13, you experience the real world for the first time. imagine experiencing real life for the first time when you’re 16 or 18.
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