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Jun 29, 2023

Think twice it’s not the place they sell you at open day

Absolutely do not send your children here. It’s like a prison not a school it’s all we offer this and that for children when you go to the open day we support them stamp out bullying but when it comes to it they “don’t have time” teachers making students sit on floors as punishment. Victim of Sexual harassment u will be punished victim of bullying you will be punished ASRs handed out like they have to hit targets for things such as sir can I have a drink of water (when it’s 27 degrees outside) girls not being excused from lessons when they have a period to be able to sort themselves out instead being left to sit in it and threatened with ASRs self harm taking place in the bathrooms they don’t want to know.
Former Student
May 6, 2023

Extremely bad for mental health

Many people get hurt/jumped and teachers do nothing but isolate the person getting hurt instead of giving consequences to the bullys, there's lots of racism and homophobic going round as well.
Former Student
Oct 11, 2022

Best school in Basingstoke

Lovely environment with such friendly and engaging teachers. They have amazing trips such as skiing, New York and winter wonderland on top of that end of year awards such as Thorpe park. The support for mental health and learning difficulties are so good. The headteacher is very approachable and funny which really brings the school together.
Former Student
May 10, 2022

I guess

Loads of my classmates were homophobic/racist/sexist etc and teachers would just let it slide. People full on shouting the n word or homophobic remarks at others in lessons and teachers would just ignore them and continue teaching. Don’t really understand how the school can preach inclusivity but then be so passive on actually enforcing it.
The odd teacher would do something about it but a lot of the time it just continued. Yeah the exam grades have been improving at this school but a lot of the students made it a pretty toxic environment for others.
Good school if you’re not a minority!👍
May 8, 2022

brighton hill, the reality

I was bullied and nothing was done about it, I had to miss off days of school and i was punched and nothing was done to the girl and the school has failed on me
Former Student
Oct 20, 2021


amazing school. would really recommend, i enjoyed being there.

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