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Oct 12, 2023


bad teacher

when i walked into english my teacher hit me round the head with a metal bat and lit me on fire
Jun 20, 2023

I am getting fed up

I really am starting to get tired of being looked down upon by bully teachers who think they own the place Mrs wyat you know who you are
Jun 8, 2023


Kids with SEN discriminated against.
Should have been knocked down when it was earmarked to.
Boring staff, lessons, only a handful of good engaging teachers left.
Dreadful school!
Former Student
May 4, 2023


No safeguarding, No support, No education

I was undiagnosed Autistic and abused at home. I told the school that and they did nothing. They said only if they see “marks”.
The school also didn’t pick up I have special educational needs and put me in supervision everyday. If you don’t know what supervision is it’s basically like isolated prison. You eat alone, work alone with no help or teachers. Education totally gone through the window.
I’m now diagnosed with autism and adhd, but because I’m past school years I have to pay for education when I should have got it as a kid for free as my right.
My friend got hit round the face by a teacher and all the teachers covered it up.
No safeguarding in this school and no help for vulnerable students. Good luck is all I’ll say if you are unfortunate enough as me to be sent here!
Mar 28, 2023

terrible school

this school is absolutely terrible they put unifom first stunt creativity and is corrupt
i got bullied and nothing happend if i could 0/10 apauling
Jan 26, 2023

Dreadful school

Dreadful school very badly run & not many good teachers left anymore.
Jan 11, 2023

The best secondary in Hampshire …

My child started in year 9 in September and we are thrilled with it! He is so happy to go in every day. The teachers are firm and fair, which is all us parents want !

The whole atmosphere is a masterclass in how to run a school ….. get your child in if you can.
Jan 1, 2023

Terrible head

I have a child at Brookfield community school - the headmaster is terrible. Let’s just say - no support, lies to you and is very aggressive to parents and pupils.

I would not recommend this school due to its head. My child just had a run in with a teacher over a detention- and it has gone all the way up. Let’s just say he victim blames.
Tristan Walton
Aug 30, 2021

Well, there's alot to say

As a student, I think it is safe to say that there are many faults with this school, many being the fact that they care about your shoes more than they do bullying or your mental and physical well being. I find that the PE Teacher wears stupidly short shorts but tells the girls off for inappropriate uniform is extremely hypocritical. There are a select few PSOs that make the school feel like a safe place, others would rather be anywhere else then in that school. As for the teachers, alot of them are okay. Some are really nice and would go to any length to educate you, others just aren't meant to be teachers. I feel like the teachers of specific subjects force you to like it, you can't tell them otherwise.

But other than that it's alright.
Former Student
Dec 28, 2020

Yeah no this school sucks

As a former student of this school, I personally had a bad experience. The staff didn't help people properly, especially when it came to mental health. The teachers aren't too bad at their job, but there are quite a few that show obvious favouritism towards students. Not to mention the fact that the staff cares more about the girls skirt lengths than peoples grades. As for the students, they aren't good at all. There's loads of bullying, especially towards LGBTQ+ students and students with mental disorders, and the staff do nothing to punish them whatsoever. If anything, they punish the victim by moving them to a seperate building to learn, or just making the victim switch classes, which causes more hassle than necessary. The school is an unsafe environment because of these students, as there were multiple cases of students getting injured by other students, and once again, the teachers don't do anything about it. Their methods of "punishment" is completely ineffective, the bullies get spoken to ONE TIME and get away with a slap on the wrist, and once again, the victim potentially gets switched classes.

I would not recommend going to this school if you have previous experiences with bullying, bad mental health, and you actually want to learn properly and feel safe at school.
Dec 13, 2020

Alr but teachers are bad

i got a behaviour point for sitting in class :((
Nov 1, 2020

Nothing has changed

No masks are required, The teachers rarely wear their face covering and we have year group zones but it all goes to hell because of siblings. Nothing has changed except you need to help it on hand sanitiser at the start of every lesson.
Oct 28, 2020

Sort it out brookfield

School Safeguarding system is terrible, ELSA's are terrible and dont punnish alot. Some teachers are ok, could be much better. Most of the teachers need to relax, their too tough, and some have no toughness, they need to find that happy median.
Sep 26, 2020

Teachers act like teens

Terrible support system. PSO’s and house leaders show now regard for the children. Overall standard of teaching is okay. Do not send your child here if you care about their mental health.
Aug 21, 2020

Brookfield student review

The academics of the school are good but dealing with social aspects they really struggle with. The student environment is really aggressive and full of bullying.

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