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Not bad.

Student · May 16, 2021
Student · May 16, 2021
I leave this school on the 28th of May 2021 forever, and overall throughout the years this school has been great. Majority of teachers there are amazing, the days aren't too long and there is a wide range of things to do. Food is also pretty good here.

I've never been bullied at this school and haven't seen any bullying.

Not bad.

Student · May 16, 2021
Student · May 16, 2021
I leave this school forever on the 28th of May. Over the years i've been here it's been a great school, food is quite good, lessons are decent and the days aren't too long.

Staff are nice overall, with only 1 or 2 teachers i dislike


Student · May 10, 2021
Student · May 10, 2021
Pros: Barely any homework
(Mostly) nice teachers
Good values
Participates in lots of award schemes like Archbishop of York
Big Library

Cons: Too small for 800 students
Every year I attended this school the timings changed
Poor choice of GCSEs (one od which has to be RE)
The setting system is broken
Useless pastoral staff with an overall unwelcoming aura
Too many teachers and not enough classrooms
Once a week we have to go to an assembly and sit on the floor because it's in the sports hall
It takes too long to order and get food
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Come to this school if you wish, but do be careful

Student · April 25, 2021
Student · April 25, 2021
It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to go to school anymore, yet I don’t want to move either, as I’ll be leaving my friends behind and the bully’s will think that they’ve won. I’ve fallen down a metaphorical pit ever since I arrived. I was always happy at the start, and now I’m not.

They’re good on the education side, yet dealing with bullying is another story. The school doesn’t even care about the fact I’ve tried ending my own life because of them. They’re the reason I’m like this.

They shout at me when I don’t do any work, yet they use excuses after excuses to not sort stuff out. It actually took my father to come into school and to threaten them for something to be done about it.

I’m quite convinced that it’ll actually take someone to succeed in killing themselves and to write in their final letter that this is the schools fault for something to be done about it.


Student · December 31, 2020
Student · December 31, 2020
Not a bad school tbh


Former Student · December 28, 2020
Former Student · December 28, 2020
on numerous times there were rats scurrying around the building, the teachers were teaching lessons that were not fit for primary school and the lack of care for students wellbeing is appalling. There were numerous accounts of bullying within the school and nine times out of ten they would blame the victim and attempt to help the bully. There was one girl who was being told to kill herself most days and when they brought it to the schools attention the school told the girl to get over it and offered the bully more support without checking on the victim. I would not recommend this school for anyone looking for a good school for any child.

5 stars!

Student · September 23, 2020
Student · September 23, 2020
Amazing school with enthusiastic and supportive staff!
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