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Former Student
Mar 30, 2024

Racist & Homophobic

Okay school however just want to leave a warning for anyone with minority kids. Bullying runs rampant at this school, specially homophobia and racism. To my knowledge, there staff still remain unequipt to deal with either. If your choice are sending your kids to hell and Calthorpe Park School, please choose hell. Satan will at least be aware he's making your child's life a misery
Jul 28, 2023

Not happy with Calthorpe

My daughter has been attending this school since 2019 and used to enjoy school. Now that the new head teacher (Kevan Jon) is here, school seems to be a very hard place to be as she is constantly being criticised and picked on with small things she does wrong. I am not happy with this school and they claim to “provoke mental health” but this place seems to have made my childs mental health worse. DO NOT send your child here unless you want to be constantly sent emails about your child's perfectly acceptable behaviour being criticised.
Aug 30, 2022

hate this skl

do not like this school we have a new head teacher that is so bad we are not alowed to bring our phones into school or we will get suspended not alowed to wear skirts we are comfortable in not allowed to express ourselves
Jun 16, 2022

Worst school in the south east

Where do I start? This school will mess your child up. Teachers are bullies, lack intelligence, have zero empathy, lack respect for themselves or the students.

Girls wear skirts so short its uncomfortable to see. My child started respecting dress code but was forced to dress like the other girls to fit in.

Detentions are handed out for breathing and kids left confused why they got detention to start. Put this down to a power trip for the sad lives of some of these teachers. Keep your problems at home 'teachers'.

If your child has dreams be sure that the school will crush those dreams.

So to conclude, if you want your child to go into the world negative, sad and depressed send them to Calthorpe Park!!!
Apr 10, 2022

If you have a choice don't go here

I have had terrible experiences, this place has left me with nothing but trauma and the school know and did nothing. The grades are fine but teachers achieve this through endless pressure and the quality of teachers is decreasing with the schools expansion. You have to fight for any help you NEED, before I went there I spoke to learning support to check out the help I would receive, I got none even though I desperately needed it. I have wanted to leave every year as it's destroyed my mental health but now I am going to leave with my potential ruined. Parents, the environment your child will be put in is terrible and the school hides the bad things going on inside, it's nice and well kept facade is a fraud.
Jan 16, 2022

An honest review

Let me start by saying the school is in no way bad and it definitely gets very good GCSE results, however, this doesn't tell the whole story. There is little to no extra challenge for "gifted" students except a yearly maths challenge which is nothing to get excited about. They claim to specialise in Maths and Computing although I would take this with a pinch of salt and as far as I can tell, it is from 10+ years ago and these departments are nothing special (they are by no means bad, but not exceptional). I would say that the best departments are Music, English and History.
As other reviews mention, a lot of the teachers teach from powerpoints and I definitely have more motivation and perform better in the lessons that do not focus only on powerpoints.
There are plenty of extra-cirrucular activities especially in the PE department and for year 11's, there are regular revision sessions outside of lessons.
Support/Pastoral wise, I can't speak much about as I haven't had much experience with them although they have been good the few times I have had experiences with them and the support is definitely there. I can confidently say that in my almost 5 years at this school, I can't remember more than 4-5 cases of bullying and can honestly say bullying isn't that much of an issue in my experience.
Overall, the school isn't bad and you should be excited to come here, however, it isn't exceptional and there are definitely better schools out there.
Nov 30, 2021

mental health became worse!

Awful school I lost all of my mental well-being and didn’t even get support about it they allow 0 self expression and almost all of the teachers teach via the “PowerPoint and figure it out yourself” method. I wouldn’t recommend going here to anyone. They do nothing with bullying and only put it on report. I have been bullied every year since year 7 and dealt with bullying every year at my junior school too! they hardly give you any support on exams too! a vast majority of teachers are super nice though!
Former Student
Sep 3, 2021


Awful school 0/10

Awful school I lost all of my mental well-being and didn’t even get support about it they allow 0 self expression and almost all of the teachers teach via the “PowerPoint and figure it out yourself” method. I wouldn’t recommend going here to anyone especially if you have a learning disability/ difference as you will get 0 support and when you lash out eventually they will send you to a different school.
Dec 25, 2020

Amazing welcome

I moved here from a previous school when I was unhappy with the teaching and challenges provided. When I moved to Calthorpe I could really see how committed the teachers were and how dedicated the senior staff are to making the school experience as great as possible. they make you think and really challenge you to do the best you can. No school is perfect however I think the community with agree with me that Calthorpe really is an amazing school.
Dec 18, 2020


I love it here I never wanna leave this school so great in all aspects and the virtual Christmas assembly was amazing
Former Student
Oct 18, 2020

Honest report, pros and cons

After leaving 2 years ago from this overpopulated school, coming from the last year group that had under 200 students when the year 7s at the time I left had nearly 400, going to college was a brilliant break as there are far fewer people in the Same size campus. The teachers were either really good or really bad and there was no in between and those who were good put in 100% making sure you had revision sessions to attend if you wished just to revisit that lesson where someone was messing around, and they felt like they actually cared about you

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