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Former Student
May 16, 2023

It sucked

I was SA'd in the back of my science classroom in year 7. I reported it to my head of year and she did nothing. I was also alienated because I'm Autistic
Dec 14, 2022

Corrupt and Unjust

awful school. the headteacher openly discriminates against people with special needs and victims of bullies. they hide serious allegations under the rug to save their “reputation”, with the safety of the school being as good as an unlocked house in a dangerous area. I personally have been a victim of the bullying headteacher, who feigns kindness in order to gaslight vulnerable students. i pray nobody has the misfortune of going to this school.
Sep 16, 2022

wildern is slightly better

it is what it is i would rather go to wildern but u cant use toilets there so both are the same i guess
Former Student
Jun 15, 2022


The school is amazing

The school got me to the best college and university
Thank you for teaching me well
Former Student
Jun 15, 2022


Greatest school

Amazing schools and teachers
Former Student
Jun 15, 2022


Cahtell is the best school

Great school and amazing teachers and students
Thank you for everything you helped me with in cantell
Also fellow Muslims ☪️
Strive in your work
Apr 17, 2022

Not a great school

It’s not bad but the teachers don’t do anything about people mental health like the only do things that are really bad and just take it to the police or like that and they only think about the victims and not the whole story.the teachers also don’t care about what is going on in the lessons like I get so much shit in lessons and the teachers don’t do anything about it and it’s pointless trying to tell an adult like they tell you too cos they don’t do anything about it like I have been waiting for months to get my support put in place they just don’t care about the students like they say they do
Mar 28, 2021

umm i hate it here

i go to school here and some of the teachers literally can’t manage classes. the people in my class are so horrible and the teachers just let them swear and shout at people in classes
Jan 14, 2021


Shit it didn't teach anything
Former Student
Sep 28, 2020

A great school all round.

The school is very welcoming and makes new students joining feel very at home. The teachers are supportive of students achieving their full potential, and being a student here is a wonderful experience. Bullying is very minimal and even then handled very well. Misbehaving is present here and there, but the leadership team are on hand to control it so that it does not negatively impact other students and their learning. The school's previous negative reputation certainly no longer applies, and I would recommend to absolutely anybody to definitely consider sending their child here, as it, in my opinion, provides a much better all-encompassing educational experience than other schools in the area.

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