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Sep 29, 2023

Worried parent

I don't know if this is the neglect of the government or the school, or the corruption of social morals. Students provide weed to students. It seems that if you don't smoke weed, you are not in line with this era, and your classmates will laugh at you as a coward. Almost all secondary and high schools are unable to avoid it.
May 8, 2023

Don’t go if you have mental health problems

I want to start this off by saying not every experience in this school will be like mine, however if you have issues with your mental health i do not recommend.

Starting with the positives, most teachers here definitely know what they’re doing and i believe if you’re extremely happy throughout school you will go far.

However, my experience was awful. I am diagnosed with depression and ocd and i was forced to open up to a teacher after he found this out. He then said he had told other teachers and my mum when he actually did not, leading me to believe that my mum and other teachers just didn’t care. When i started to develop behavioural issues, the school did not question if this was because of my mental health and instead decided to give me isolations, suspensions ect.

Many of the senior teachers here are also known to have no sympathy and i can’t count how many times i’ve been screamed at in a senior teachers office and they won’t stop even if i’m bawling my eyes out. Not to mention, the reasons i was getting these harsh punishments were not for bullying someone or fighting with others. These punishments are solely for not turning up to lesson, and instead of asking me what would help me attend that lesson (english), such as moving my class/teacher, they decide to give me countless punishments that clearly aren’t helping.

Another issue i had with this school that has almost led to me to literally kill myself is that they moved my form as a punishment because my form tutor ‘couldn’t deal with me.’ And they made it out as if they were doing it for me and said it was a fresh start however i begged them countless times to stay with my form. My form tutor also did not communicate once with me before doing this even though he was asked by multiple teachers to do so. After i found out he was making me move forms i came to him and tried to have a conversation with him but he started guilt tripping me and saying that i ‘cause his mental health to worsen.’ And when i asked him what he has done for me to stay in his form he said ‘i’ve been your form tutor.’ As if that isn’t his job. And i know that it sounds stupid on my part to be so upset about moving form but it means i can’t see my friends all day because i have different breaks to them and no lessons with them as i was moved classes too, earlier in the year.

However, i do have some nice things to say, although i was extremely suicidal throughout this year there was one teacher who literally saved me and i do believe there is good teachers in that awful school and i cannot group them all together. Not to mention the mental health teachers are very helpful and i would’ve left the school without them.

To conclude, if your child has any mental health issues or may be sad for any reason in their school career, don’t send them here.
Former Student
Sep 24, 2022

Cardinal Newman has both positives and negative sides.

I have recently graduated from Cardinal Newman and this is my review: Despite having a great school experience in my first years here unfortunately this has not been the case for years 9+. Before I write my review I find it important to acknowledge that I am sure that there are much worse schools however this is my school experience.

Over the last few years this school has greatly put punishment over education, for example missing one lesson can result in an isolation (missing an entire day of school being unproductive). This is an objectively bad punishment as removing children from their education because they missed education does not make sense.

Secondly, substance use in this school is common. Especially with vapes which are widely used during school. In fact I’m the past year a fire alarm went of due to students vaping in the bathroom.

On the other hand, most teachers (with the exception of some senior teachers) are incredible and some of the best I have ever been taught by. They truly know what they are talking about and are very good at their jobs.

Thanks you for reading

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