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Caterham School

Student · December 5, 2020
Student · December 5, 2020
Honestly this school is generally brilliant, most of the teachers are lovely but a select few have the tendency to make racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc comments but those have mostly cleared up over the last few years. There are also diversity clubs including GSA(gender sexuality awareness) and BAME which really aid inclusiveness.
One of the best things about the school is the pupil run organisations including the Moncrieff Jones society(for all sciences) and the study buddy scheme (where older pupils pair with younger pupils to help them feel welcome and help with their work).
The school food has declined over the last few years and as such is not as good as it previously was but it is still not the worst thing as there are often 2-4 options. One thing they lack though is there is not always a vegan meal but they are working on making that a possibility. Overall this school is excellent and definitely worth every penny.
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Harestone Valley Road, CR3 6YA, Caterham