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Sep 11, 2023

Please do not subject your child to this school

If you want your child to enrol into the army this is the place for you. They are more concerned about the kids wearing their blazer rather than their health. The staff are in summer outfits while the children are dripping in sweat.
I agree kids should not be on their phones but the amount of staff walking around looking at their phones is unbelievable. Perhaps they should start making the staff wear uniform and comply with the same rules seeming as their excuse is they are preparing the kids for adult life.

Teachers are obsessed with their edulink app and punishing kids for the most silly reasons, ie laughing in the hallway is now classed as anti social behaviour 🤣.

This school is far from nurturing and it shows with the amount of children having severe anxiety before they even go to school because they are petrified of being put in isolation over the most ridiculous reason.

Bullying is tolerated and nothing is done but if you wear frilly socks you will go to isolation.

This school needs to learn that respect goes both ways. As an adult I will not respect someone through fear but unfortunately Chailey believe that’s what respect is. If you want a well rounded child entering adult hood do not send your child here.
Sep 2, 2023

Rubbish school.

The staff don't care about mental well-being, they act different as to what they normally act like when people come to review the school. Staff are just mostly awful, only a few nice teaches who care. The most of them are horrible. Care way too much about uniform and the way their students look and the whole behaviour system is bad. They shout at their students too much and embarrass them for the fun of it. The only way to get treated nicely is if you are quiet and smart, otherwise they treat you like your worth nothing. As I have said before, some staff are so sweet and care about your mental health, but on the whole most are absolutely horrible. Would not recommend this school at all.
Former Student
Aug 31, 2023

chailey staff

This school overall isn't bad, however the staff at chailey are very bad. They do not care about students mental health or let students have their own opinions and thoughts. I use to go here and everyday was awful as teachers don't have patience at chailey and they really made me feel bad about myself. This wasn't only my opinion, it was several other people aswell. It really makes a negative impact on everyone's mental health and it should change for others because it's not fair on children to get shouted on and punished for little mistakes they make. It is hard for students these days to wake up and do the same routine over and over again and I don't think teachers realise how tired they are making their students. Personally, my experience at chailey was incredibly draining and I'm glad I'm not a student there anymore.
Former Student
Jul 30, 2023

bad personal experience

this school is set up for one type of child ,a child who is smart and quite ,as someone with adhd and autism this school ruined me the teachers would allow me to do no work the entire lesson because they couldn't be bothered to deal with me. the students bullied me to the point i left school in year 9 .due to the lac of guidance the school supplied im now expected to fail the majority of my gcses , the bullying in this school is beyond bad and no matter how many times you report it its still left unsolved and more times than not the person getting bullied gets in trouble , the bullying and harassment from the kids at this school has left me unable to even drive past mill lane and has made me fearful just to leave my house in fear of seeing one of the students who never got punishment for the torment they created .this school became a toxic unsafe for me to be in and half the time i was there i would just spend walking around the halls waiting for someone to come find me which they didnt they simply walked past me as if i didn't exist . people will read this and probably think i was the problem but i was a child who never even spoke back they could have simply asked me to go back to class and i would of done so but they simply didn't care .

the children are monsters at this school and unless your popular basically meaning one of the kids that vapes,rolls skirt and has the completion of tangerine you are destined for failure because weather your smart or not the kids there will wear you down and make you feel like you shouldn't even exist or try to be anything more ,a few of the boys also have sexually harassed me and quite a few other girls which is what led me to be so afraid of the people there and if the teachers arnt aware of it by now they are a bit thick in the head ,if they searched even one of those boys phones they would have all the proof they needed.
a lot of the students there also have a habit of dealing weed,vapes and cigarettes in the school bathrooms (or at least when i was there) i know it still goes on though since i still have friends at the school .

i will say the only half deasent part of this school was a few of the tlc workers who helped me when i was going through it but other than that it just really wast worth it . i was pulled out of the school because it literally nearly killed me to be there .

this is my honest review as a child who went to this school with adhd and autism obviously this isnt the same for every child im sure some kids did amazing this was just my personal experience .

i was there years 7-9.
Former Student
Jun 9, 2023

I really hated going to this school.

Only 2 teachers actually care about student well being and mental health the others only care about themselves GCSEs and there favourites. There’s a huge bullying problem and there’s a lot gossip about staff and students. Almost everyone I have met there has had some form of bad mental health because of school. Be it anxiety depression or other. And none of the teachers care it’s just about weather or not you are in school and doing the work that’s it. Also the likely hood of you being bullied is very very heigh.
Former Student
Apr 29, 2023


It was ok ig but some teachers were nice some where just boring and you didn’t learn much . Didn’t care about bullying
Former Student
Aug 27, 2022


Very good, however some unengaging teachers
Apr 10, 2021


teachers care too much about your uniform and making you take jewellery off and don’t care about your education or the massive bullying problem.

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