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Nov 14, 2022

Just no

The school really is bad. Most teachers don’t care about student’s mental health and only cares about uniform and behaviour and the representation of the school. Teachers only give certain people support and it’s totally unfair, a couple of teachers are very kind and will help. The school knocks down students confidence and does nothing about mental health problems and bullying. I would not recommend sending your child here, they will sort out 0% of your problems and there’s always trouble caused at this school, this school can stress students out, no wonder why no one likes Coming to school!!! I was extremely upset one time in school and went to stand outside with my friend, but then a teacher came and said “why aren’t you in lesson?” Then my friend explained why, then he said “back to lesson” they only also care about school work.

A couple of things I would recommend to this school is that to get more support for mental health and actually give a damn about our feelings and physical and mental health and not only care about the representation of the school, honestly most good teachers left and the head teacher hired some pretty new bad teachers, a couple of them are nice to be fair, but most of all, absolutely not, don’t come here, don’t want to turn out miserable like most of us at this school.
Aug 13, 2021

Wouldn’t recommend

I attend this school and not only do the teachers have a lack of respect for students and abuse their power, but they also manage to completely knock my mental health. Chamberlayne has no idea of how to deal with troubled students and think that singling them out is going to help. Some of the staff are very helpful and are very easy to talk to and will sort your problems, but a majority of them are purely disrespectful and treat students like rubbish
Aug 13, 2021


This school is absolutely vile DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE! They claim to care about the students but they do not give a dam they only care about the reputation of the school. Some teachers are really supportive while others literally make the children's mental health worse one of the PE teachers called my boyfriend fat and physically assaulted him and when he went to the head teacher they did nothing about it and let them continue to work there another teacher who was new and knew nothing about me or my mental health situation full on raised his voice at me claiming I made one of the teachers in his department feel unsafe and upset when I did nothing he then continues to scream at me while I'm in tears and even when he sees I'm full on crying he just keeps going saying he doesn't care if I'm upset this caused me to have a panic attack infront of about 20 people and I'm the one who got into trouble and they even went the extra mile by excluding me my parents where absolutely disgusted by this and when we went in for the meeting they said that nothing was going to happen to this teacher that really messed with my mental health already with the fact I was struggling with self harming and suicidal thoughts. Another teacher gives people detention for nothing at all if your 1 minute late you get a detention no matter if you have a valid reason or a note From your parents. Not to mention the testable hygiene so please I urge you for your child's sake DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE! I would give it one star if I could
Former Student
Feb 16, 2021

wish i could give 0 stars

Worst five years of my life. Chamberlayne has no support for mental health or bullying. The teachers simply do not care and don’t provide any support with gcses. I would have failed like everyone else in my year if i didn’t put in the hours at home
Dec 6, 2020

Average School

I attend this school, the school is a pretty average school, the head teachers fine. One of the teachers Miss Adams is a terrible teacher but apart from that the rest are ok. Only a few chavs but every school has them so you can’t really complain. The school is quite small for a secondary school which keeps classes small (unless your in year 7 and year 8) and during GCSE times you get a good variety of lessons you can choose from. Keep up the good work Mr Giles.
Dec 3, 2020

A terrible experience for everyone!

I went to an open day for this school when I was picking what secondary school to attend and by God, this place was absolutely vile.

Firstly, the attending students are rude and very chavvy. They are completely disrespectful and seem like the type to assault someone if they so thought.

Secondly, the teachers seemed very unproffensional and acted as if they could not give a damn about their jobs.

Overall, the place is a dump and I would advise you to not send your child here, unless you want them to become a puffer jacket wearing roadman.
Oct 22, 2020


It is okay, teachers are rude and so are some students.
Tickleford Drive, SO19 9QP, Southampton

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